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Addresses and Address Changes

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Local Address

The local address is the address of a student living off-campus, but not commuting from home.   Local addresses should be reported to the Office of Records and Registration immediately after an address change.

The local address is not the same as a residence hall address.  Residence halls are considered on-campus, and any changes within residence halls or out of a residence hall must be accomplished by contacting the Residence Life and Housing Office.

If a student is commuting from home, only a permanent address should be reported.

Permanent Address

The permanent address is the student's home address as reported when a student enters the University.  This is the address used for most official communications (admissions and billing, for example).  This is also the address that determines a student's residency status

Please note that if you are a student employee, you must ALSO notify the Payroll Office of a change to your permanent home address. This is critical for you to receive your paycheck and or W-2 form.

Reporting Address Changes -Address changes may be reported on-line.  Login to myEdinboro portal, to access S.C.O.T.S.  Select "Personal Information" and follow the link to update addresses and phones.

  • Local Address Change -     Currently enrolled students should report local address and telephone changes by choosing the "Off campus" address type from the drop-down menu.  Click "Submit" and enter the requested information.
  • Permanent Address Change -  Students may report permanent address and telephone changes by choosing the "Permanent" address type from the drop-down menu.  Click "Submit" and enter the requested information.  (Do not choose "Nation" option if the address is in the United States.  This field should remain "Not Applicable.")

If unable to submit changes on-line, students may submit a printed form for either the local address or the permanent address.  Print and mail or fax the appropriate completed form, or stop in the office in Hamilton Hall. 

Address changes should be reported to:

The Office of Records and Registration
Student Services Center
Hamilton Hall, 210 Glasgow Road
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Edinboro, PA 16444

Fax 814.732.2130