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Degree Evaluation

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Students and advisors may check academic progress by requesting a Degree Evaluation while logged in to their S.C.O.T.S. account.  The degree evaluation will show how earned course work will apply in a selected degree program, as well as program requirements that remain unmet.

If students are considering a change of major, using the What-if Analysis tool at the bottom of the Degree Evaluation page will allow them to see how current course work will meet requirements for a different major.

After logging in to S.C.O.T.S., follow these steps:

  1. Click Student Services and Financial Aid.

  2. Click Student Records.

  3. Click Degree Evaluation.

  4. Select the Current Term and click Submit.

  5. Click Generate New Evaluation at bottom of page.

  6. Click to confirm Program (Degree, Major), and select Term.

  7. Click Generate Request. (Be patient - the evaluation is being generated.)

  8. Select desired display:  Detail Requirements.

  9. Print the evaluation. ("Landscape" format works well.)

  10. To select a different program, click What-if Analysis.

Students:  Review the evaluation with your academic advisor to ensure that you are on track for graduation.

Direct questions to: 
Barb Polakowski
Office Records and Registration
Phone 814.732.5555 Ext. 287