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Enrolling in Courses at other Schools within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

Distance Education Form 

Instructions for using the application form highlighted above:


The purpose of this form is to enable you to enroll in a distance education course at another State System University and transfer the course credit and grade to your home university.  This will enable you to take advantage of courses, programs or experiences not available at your home institution, without loss of institutional residency, eligibility for honors or athletics, or credits toward graduation.


To be eligible to enroll in a course at another State System University:

  1. You must be a current student at your home university.
  2. You must obtain advanced approval from your home University by initiating Part II of this form.
  3. A copy of this completed form must be received by the registrar of the host university by the time of your registration.

Filling out the Form

Most of the information on this form may be on file at your home university but to enroll in another SSHE university your personal information must be entered into their database from this form.  This will enable you to be admitted into that university, to enroll in classes and to receive credit and grades for that course or courses.  You may enroll for a maximum of 18 credits in a single semester or summer.

Routing of this Form

  1. Fill out, sign and date this form; present it to your advisor or department chair for signature and deliver the form to the office of the dean of your college.
  2. The dean's office will review, sign and forward the form to the registrar of your university.  The dean's or registrar's office will fill in the portions of the form on Course Equivalency and Program Placement. 
  3. Your registrar will send the form to the registrar of the host university (the university from which you will be taking the class).
  4. The host university registrar will forward the form to the director/chair of the program/department and to their office of admissions.
  5. The form will be returned to the host campus registrar who will return a copy to you and to the registrar of your university.
  6. The student will register at the host university but will pay tuition and fees to his/her home institution.
  7. The host university's official transcript will transfer all credits from the host university to the home university.  All credits and grades accrued at the host university will be accepted in full by the home university, and thereafter treated as home university credits and grades.
  8. Each university will specify and publish the approval procedure for its own students' participation and for students from other System universities who wish to study under this policy