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Graduate Internship Application

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This is the official application form for requesting authorization to register* for an Edinboro University of Pennsylvania approved graduate internship.  No other application form for internship is valid.  After the student receives the copy of the application showing the internship has been approved, the STUDENT must pay the fees at the Bursar’s Office, then contact Records and Registration to complete registration for the internship. REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE PROJECTED BEGINNING DATE OF THE INTERNSHIP. 

                                                    *Failure to register properly will invalidate this approval.

A one to three-page description of the professional experience and educational outcomes (daily logs, major paper or project, portfolio, detailed oral report, etc.) that the applicant is to undertake must be attached before submitting this form for approval (if applicable). Also, the applicant needs to attach a course history.

I. EDUCATIONAL DATA (To be completed by student)

 Name: ________________________________________________ Student Identification Number:____________________
                        Last                                First                  M.I.

Address during Internship:

                        Street                              City                                                        State                       Zip

Home Address (if other than above):

                        Street                              City                                                        State                       Zip

Email Address: ______________________________              __________                         Home Phone: (          ) _________________                                     

Major Field: ____________________        Anticipated Graduation Date: _________________


(    ) 1st semester, Yr: _______                           (    ) 2nd Semester, Yr: _______                     (    ) Summer Session, Yr: _______

Course Number:_______________________________  Course Subject:_____________________________ 

Course Title:__________________________________  Number of Credits:________

Proposed Site Supervisor: _________________________________________________________

Phone number of Supervisor:_______________________________________________________

Internship Site: __________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
                        Street                                                              City                                                        State                        Zip

Internship Period:  Starts _______/________/_________                        Ends: _________/________/_________
                                        Mo.          Day         Year                                Mo.          Day           Year

Number of Weeks:____________________                                               Hours per Week: __________________

Daily from:___________________ to:___________________                            Paid:_________  Nonpaid: ___________

Student’s phone number on site: (          )_________________                Hourly Amount:____________________

III. INTERNSHIP APPROVAL (the following signatures must be obtained in sequence; copies will be sent to all signers)

Student’s Signature: _____________________________________________  Date:_______________

Advisor’s Signature:_____________________________________________   Date:_______________

Internship Supervisor Signature:____________________________________  Date:_______________

Department Chairperson:__________________________________________                Date:_______________

Academic Program Dean:_________________________________________  Date:_______________

C:  APSCUF, Bursar's Office, Records and Registration; Advisor, Internship Supervisor, Student, Graduate Program Head, with all signatures completed (Responsibility of Graduate Studies Office).


1. The student must complete the Application for Permission to Register for a Graduate Internship and secure all appropriate signatures required in Section III.

Note: Internships cannot be financed through graduate assistantship awards. Internships can only be conducted at off-campus sites.

2. The application should reach the academic department at least three weeks before the projected starting date of the proposed internship.  Registration cannot be guaranteed if timelines are not met.

3. Registration for an internship must follow these procedures:

     (a)   The student must make financial arrangements for payment of appropriate fees prior to the proposed starting date
     of the internship experience or course.  Billing and payments are to be handled through the Bursar’s Office, and;
     (b)   The student must schedule the course after making payment.

4. Failure by the student to register (as outlined in #3 above) carries the same requirements for registration as other University courses:

     (a)   The assessment of a late registration fee if registration is not completed prior to the start of the intern-
     ship experience, and;

     (b)   Denial of permission to add the course after the one week add  period or equivalent time during the summer session.

5. For internships during the summer, students must complete registration prior to the projected beginning date approved for the internship, which includes making financial arrangements for payment of appropriate fees. 

6. Six-month internships (similar to the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission Computer Systems Intern) must follow the following registration procedure:

     (a)   If the Internship commences in May or June and ends in December, the student must register in the summer for  
     a minimum of 9 semester hours and in the subsequent Fall Semester for 15 semester hours, *


     (b)   If the Internship commences in January ending in June, the student must register in the Spring Semester for 15
     semester hours and in the subsequent summer session for a minimum of 9 semester hours*.

7. All clearances required by the host site must be in place prior to the commencement of the internship.

8. The original application must be returned to the Office of Graduate Studies. 

*Students are required to enroll for a total of 24 credits for a six-month internship.  However, only 15 credits will apply toward fulfilling degree requirements. 

REV. 5.07.2012

C:  APSCUF, Bursar's Office, Records and Registration, Advisor, Internship Supervisor, Student, Graduate Program Head, with all signatures completed (Responsibility of Graduate Studies Office).