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Edinboro University Community Values




Edinboro University is committed to the values of excellence, respect, integrity, leadership, and the creation of opportunities for success for members of our campus community.  Therefore, choosing to join this community compels individuals to honor these values and make positive contributions to our community. 

As a member of this community:

  • I agree to respect the dignity of all persons, and will strive to learn from the diversity of cultures, races, abilities, genders, ages, orientations, ideas, and opinions found within and beyond our community. 
  • I agree to pursue academic and personal excellence by fully engaging myself in the learning that occurs both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • I agree to avoid the abuse and/or illegal use of alcohol and other drugs, as they will hinder my academic and personal performance.  
  • I agree to respect the rights and property of others, and will not invite guests to the campus who seek to degrade, vandalize, or deface our campus and host community.    
  • I agree to do all that I can to ensure that my campus community is kept clean and attractive, knowing that such an environment is essential to both physical and emotional well-being.