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Social Equity





In support of the University's mission, vision, and values and in collaboration with the other campus offices and individuals, the Office of Social Equity has University-wide responsibility for overseeing the diversity of the campus community.

The Director of the Office of Social Equity has the role of chief diversity officer.  The Office provides leadership for diversity issues institution-wide and promotes diversity as a key element on the intellectual and intepersonal development of members of the University and extended communities.  Additionally,  the Office assists others, for example, in the creation of a campus environment that promotes diversity and values individual differences and similarities.

The Office provides collaborative leadership in the areas of campus diversity that include, but are not to be limited to:

  •  Supporting diversity efforts, and in some cases, directing initiatives.
  •  Raising awareness and increasing campus communication of the University's commitment to diversity.



Social Equity

 The Office of Social Equity is  responsible for resolving complaints of unlawful or prohibited discrimination, updating the University's affirmative action plans, providing educational programs on social equity policies, and participating in and/or coordinating with other institutional efforts as assigned by the University President.