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Diversity and Civility Statement


Diversity and Civility Statement 

Who We Are 

Edinboro University is an institution composed of individuals who are continuous learners and scholars.  Our core values are excellence, curiosity, respect, responsibility, and integrity.

We live, work, and learn in a campus community that strives for excellence in everything we do, while valuing the safety, security and productivity of our students, faculty, staff and administrators. 

 We are a civil community demonstrating mutual respect for one another while cultivating mutual responsibility.  We value academic freedom and an open exchange of ideas and opinions, but this freedom and exchange we cherish so deeply requires individual responsibility.

 Who We Are Not

 Even in the diverse and civil community, however, we recognize that there might be instances of behavior and conduct from members of our campus community that falls short of who we are as a civil community of continuous learners and scholars such that to a reasonable person the behavior or conduct clearly demonstrates intolerance, incivility and disrespect for others.

 Edinboro University does not and will not tolerate acts, behavior or conduct of harassment which includes bullying and cyber-bullying, or intimidation, either direct or by implied threat, or acts of violence or threatened violence against individuals or groups belonging to our campus community.  The University also will not tolerate acts of seriously disruptive behavior.  Such acts, behavior, or conduct by or against any member of our community violates our accepted community standards and our standards of excellence. 


 University policies unequivocally prohibit discrimination, harassment, intimidation and institutional vandalism.  Established procedures for addressing such issues are in place and will be immediately employed as needed, including investigatory and disciplinary measures.

 The University seeks to resolve issues and concerns brought to its attention.  There are times, however, when the investigation option is the more appropriate approach to resolving an issue of alleged harassment and discrimination.  The Director of Social Equity handles complaints of harassment and other forms of prohibited or illegal discrimination including situations covered under Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, ADA, and Section 504.  Complaints against students are handled through the student judicial process.  Complaints against employees are handled through the Office of Social Equity.  Please note that under Title IX sexual harassment includes sexual violence and rape which are crimes.

 On behalf of President Julie E. Wollman and the Edinboro University administration, members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to report incidents involving acts of discrimination, behavior or conduct of harassment and intimidation, institutional vandalism, acts or threats of violence, and other kinds of threatening or intimidating behavior.  Incidents should be reported to one of the following campus offices:


These campus offices communicate with one another as appropriate and, if necessary, will refer the report to the proper office for handling the incident.  

 You are encouraged to click on the link below for a list of the University’s social equity policies relating to harassment and other forms of illegal or prohibited discrimination, as well as selected other policies and codes.  Policies are updated periodically.  Current policies appear on the University Policy Manual web page.

Social Equity Policies

Seriously Disruptive Behavior

Student Code of Conduct

 Thank you for your individual contributions to building and maintaining a community of civility where the fair and equitable treatment, as well as the safety and security of our members is of utmost importance, and where all we do reflects our proud tradition and respect of diversity and excellence. 


Valerie O. Hayes, J.D., M.S.W. Director of SocialEquity 


For Immediate Help On-Campus


University Police
24/7 Emergency 814-732-2911 or 911

Counseling & Psychological Services

Student Health Services

Student Affairs/Residence Life Emergency On Call Staff – Contact the University Police


Other On-Campus Resources


Vice President Student Affairs

Student Judicial Affairs

Safe Zone Program
Contact any Safe Zone member listed on the website

Sexual Violence Victims Advocates
(Educational Programs About Sexual Violence)814-732-2252

Human Resources & Faculty Relations

Office of Social Equity

Residence Life and Housing

Campus Ministry


Local/Regional Resources


Crisis Services 814-456-2014

Edinboro Borough Police

Safe Journey Services for Women
814-438-2675 / 24 hour hotline
(collect calls accepted)

Safe Net Hotline


Saint Vincent Health Center

Crime Victim Center of Erie County
814-455-9414 / 24 Hour Hotline