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Education Programs


Sexual Harassment Recognition and Prevention in the Workplace

Minimum Length - One hour

The core premise of this interactive workshop is that each person is responsible for recognizing and preventing sexual harassment.   For those employees who have managerial and supervisory responsibilities, it is imperative to know your role and responsibilities in resolving these issues as they arise in the workplace.  Four areas are covered in this workshop.

  • Historical and legal background framework
  • Edinboro University Policy G004 - Sexual Harassment
  • Recognition and prevention
  • Resolving issues and complaints of Sexual Harassment


Social Equity Policies

A008      Reasonable Accommodation for Students with Disabilities

C006      Harassment, Intimidation and Institutional Vandalism

C059      Disability Service Animals on Campus

G004      Sexual Harassment and Related Unprofessional Conduct

G005      Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Non Discrimination

G018      Americans with Disabilities Act - Public Accessibility

G019      Reasonable Accommodations for Employees With Disabilities