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a)  The Council co-chairs in consultation with the Director of Social Equity and the President, shall determine the numerical composition of the Council.

b)  The President shall invite Edinboro University administrators, faculty, staff, and students to participate on the Council for a designated term.  The method of invitation might include, but not be limited to, nominations and suggestions made to the President.

c)  Council membership shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following areas:  President's Office, Social Equity, Disability Services, Frederick Douglass Initiative, Title IX/Athletics, Human Resources, International Student Services, University Policy, Admissions, Financial Aid, Technology & Communication, Alumni Relations, NCATE Diversity Standards Committee, the Porreco Center, the Buba Center, Student Government  Association, as well as faculty and student members.

d)  Ex-officio members shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following areas:  President's Office, Social Equity, Student Affairs, Communications & Marketing, Commission on the Status of Women (Co-Chair) and the LGBTQIA Commission (Co-Chair).


a)  Term appointments for Council members shall be staggered to maintain consistency, while ensuring new and continued membership.

b)  Inaugural Council members shall be appointed by the President for a minimum one-year term, at the end of which half of the Council members will remain for one additional term.

c)  Terms are renewable for another 2-year or 3-year term at the discretion of the President, but no Council members shall serve more than 6 consecutive years, except for ex-officio members.

d)  Council members whose terms have expired may not be reappointed until one full two-year term has passed.

Co-Chair Duties and Responsibilities

a)  Co-chairs may be selected by the Council with the approval of the President or appointed by the President and have staggered terms.

b)  Ex-officio members are not eligible to be considered for appointment as Co-Chair of the Council.

c)  Co-Chairs are responsible for working collaboratively in setting the Council agenda, conducting Council meetings, communicating with the President, communicating internally to the campus community on behalf of the Council, and other duties and responsibilities as appropriate.

d)  Each Co-Chair shall be selected for a two-year term and with the approval of the President, for an additional two-year term.

e)  Co-Chairs may serve a two-term limit and not be reappointed as Co-Chair until one full two-year term has passed.

Advisory and Action Role

a)  The Council shall function as an advisor to the President and the Director of Social Equity regarding initiatives, procedures, and policies on campus climate and culture to foster an involvement that values diversity, inclusiveness and multiculturalism.

b)  The Council shall also have an active role in campus diversity initiatives as outlined in its charge and responsibilities.


a)  The Council shall have regular scheduled meetings to accomplish their goals and objectives for a given academic year.

b)  The Council may have special meetings during a term outside of the regular scheduled meetings.

Council Subcommittees/Task Forces

a)   The Council may establish standing subcommittees and task forces to work on its priorities and initiatives.

b)  The standing subcommittees and task forces shall submit their recommendations to the Council co-chairs for inclusion on Council meeting agendas.

Council Actions and Official Voting Procedure

a)  When possible, Council members will receive advance notice of action items that needs a vote.  This advance notice will appear  in Council Meeting notes and/or in the Council agenda.

b)  Official votes are taken at regular scheduled meetings, unless otherwise announced by the co-chairs.

 c)  Council members who are present at a regular scheduled meeting in which a vote is called are eligible to vote on an action.  Co-chairs will only vote in a tie by consensus. If there is no agreement, then the action is passed on to the President through the Director of Social Equity for a final decision.

d)  A quorum is required prior to a Council vote.

e)  Special meetings of the Council may include official voting on topics.

Report to the President

a)  At the end of the academic year, the Council shall provide the President with a report of its work and its recommendations.

b)  The report shall contain, but not be limited to, the topics explored, official actions taken and recommendations for future action by the University or by the Council.