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BSW Program


Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work

Dr. Hilary Copp
BSW Program Director
Hendricks Hall G39
Edinboro, PA 16444
(814) 732-1730 

Mission of the Program:

The mission of the Baccalaureate Social Work Program at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is to prepare graduates with the knowledge, values, ethics, and skills for competent and effective beginning-level generalist social work practice and for a commitment to the importance of human relationships, social and economic justice, cultural competency, advocacy for oppressed and at-risk populations, lifelong learning, and active participation, contributions, and leadership in the larger community.  The program strives to achieve its mission by providing access to a quality education that offers a range of learning experiences and opportunities for students to develop and apply social work knowledge, values, ethics, and skills.

Goals of the Program:

Goal 1:  To prepare graduates to develop a professional identity which integrates the values, ethics, and history of the social work profession.

Goal 2:  To prepare graduates to value human relationships and demonstrate culturally competent and effective generalist social work practice with individuals, families, small groups, organizations, and communities.

Goal 3:  To prepare graduates for competent and effective practice that reflects a life-long commitment to the principles of social and economic justice and advocacy for oppressed and at-risk populations.

Goal 4:  To prepare graduates for competent and effective practice that reflects a commitment to life-long learning, research, professional growth and development, and service to their communities.

Program Description:

The Baccalaureate Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) .  Program requirements are designed to prepare students for direct services with client systems of various sizes and types.  The curriculum is based on a liberal arts perspective and includes professional foundation courses that contain the common body of the social work profession's knowledge, values and skills.  The liberal arts base provides knowledge in artistic expression, American and world civilizations, social and behavioral sciences, cultural diversity and social pluralism, literature, science and philosophy.  There is considerable latitude for individual choice within the liberal arts component of the curriculum, but students are required to have courses that provide them with good oral and written communication skills, knowledge of social, psychological and biological determinants of human behavior and diverse cultures, social conditions and social problems.

Program Requirements:

Social Work Program objectives are implemented through a four-year curriculum of a minimum of 120 credits which fulfill the General Education requirements of 42 credits, plus an additional 61 credits which are composed of 42 credits of required social work courses (SOWK prefix) and 19 credits of required supporting courses.  The remaining 17 credits consist of free electives chosen by the student.*

     *By using required supporting courses to fill General Education requirements, students can acquire additional free electives.  Students are encouraged to take social work electives and courses that are required for minors as free electives.

The program consists of two levels of training (Level I Pre-Major and Level II-Professional Social Work Major).  All first and second year students pursuing a degree in social work are Level I pre-social work majors.  All Level I pre-social work students must complete an application for formal admission into the program and must be interviewed by the social work program director or other designated social work program faculty.  Students are responsible for returning completed application forms to the program director and for scheduling an appointment for a formal admission interview.  Applications are accepted in the spring semester only.