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Generalist Social Work Practice


Generalist Social Work Practice:

The Baccalaureate Social Work Program at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania prepares students for beginning-level generalist social work practice.  The program is based on the belief that the generalist needs a broad knowledge base grounded in a systems framework, a range of practice skills, and an orientation to the values and ethics of the profession.

Generalist social work practice is characterized by the ability to engage a wide range of clients in a variety of settings to actively participate in solving problems.  Graduates of the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Social Work Program will be able to work with clients at various levels ranging from individuals, families, and small groups to organizations and communities.  They will be able to work in a variety of settings, such as health, mental health, child welfare, aging, substance abuse, economic security, and education.  They will have the knowledge and skill to understand major policies that affect service delivery.  Graduates will be able to analyze, formulate, and influence policy and organizational change.  They will have the knowledge and skills to engage clients in a way that facilitates a comprehensive assessment of their biological, psychological, sociological, cultural, and spiritual strengths and needs and to then implement an intervention plan by building on existing strengths.  Graduates will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of their interventions, to modify their efforts if necessary, to effectively terminate services when appropriate, and to provide follow-up services as indicated.