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BA Sociology Program Information


General Information

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology is structured to give the student a background in theory, methodology, and program content with an emphasis on applied sociology.  In addition to preparing the student for possible graduate education the general goal of the program is to provide the student with the basic applied sociological skills so that he/she may assume a variety of professional positions and become a contributing member of society.  Applied sociological skills, such as report writing, research design, data collection and analysis, problem solving, and computer knowledge, are highly sought after in the professional world.


Each student earning a Bachelor’s degree in sociology is required to take the following courses:  
SOC 100 Principles of Sociology
SOC 250 History and Methods of Sociology
SOC 260 Introduction to Sociological Theory
SOC 457 Social Stratification
SOC 500 Applied Methods in Sociology
Six (6) hours of World Language and Culture at the 100 and/or 101 level.

Beyond the required courses, students may group courses together in order to form an informal specialty in social institutions, social inequalities, human services, applied sociology and/or criminology.

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