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Welcome to the Department of Sociology!

Our discipline is one of the social sciences. The focus of sociology is the systematic study of group structures and group interaction. It provides a foundation for addressing the many social issues that highlight the lives of each and every person.  We often think of our lives as individual, but the reality is that the quote by John Donne, “No man is an island.” is the basis of our study.  We analyze such wide-ranging topics as family, crime, social movements, urbanization, race and ethnicity, and gender.  Each of these subjects, and our daily contact with them, has its basic foundation in group structure. The resulting interactions affect all society members.  It is the group structure and its effects that we study.

Here’s an example:

Even a little kid recognizes one major social factor affecting us all – gender.  She notices it in the most ubiquitous, seemingly, innocuous of things . . . toys.  After stating that girls and boys can like all kinds of toys she asks, “So then, why does all the girls have to buy pink stuff and the boys have to buy different color stuff?”

Sociologists work each day to answer her question and the many others that affect our lives. Even those that we do not notice. In the end Riley’s dad says, “That’s a good question Riley.”

Do you have questions too?  Welcome to sociology. 



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