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Thinking of Changing Your Major?


Thinking About Sociology? 

Thinking about majoring in sociology, huh?  I bet I know something about you.  You regularly observe the illogical behavior of others and say to your friends, "Wouldn't common sense tell you not to do that?"  You watch a film and wonder aloud to friends about a particular part of it.  Their eyes roll as they say to you, "You take this stuff too seriously!  It's just a movie!" and you know that it is not.  You observe the differential treatment of people in various groups and wonder why it happens.  Whenever you participate in a group, and it comes time to choose a spokesperson everyone, always, silently, turns their head to look at you.  You like nonsensical booty-shaking music, but the songs that make you happiest are the intelligent ones.  You think that something needs to be done to fix some of these problems that you see.  You just do not know what that something is.

What Is Sociology For?

In sociology, we think that the answer is three-fold.  First, get some education.  You are already doing that.  You are here.  You are sitting in class everyday (well . . . almost every day).  Gaining more knowledge (in any subject) is always a good thing.  It is difficult to know hard truths, but in order to grow you must know them. Second, do something.  Do something.  Do something smart.  Do something challenging.  Do something to address the problems that you see.  You do not have to save the world.  You are not Batman.  You just have to do your part.  Third, learn sociology.  We give you practical ideas about what you can do.  We, systematically, study groups and group interaction.  Of all the social sciences we are the one that focuses most on how society operates and we do not just do that in the abstract, we focus on the practical too.  Do not get me wrong.  We do abstract.  Introduction to Social Theory is a butt-kicking class, but we balance the abstract with the practical. When you graduate with a degree in sociology, you leave with useful skills for analyzing the social world that will work in a wide variety of careers.  Now, run tell your Mama that.  No, really . . . run and tell her, because people think you can't find jobs in sociology.

Think about it.




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