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Transfer Students


If you are thinking of (or are currently in the process of) transferring from another institution, congratulations!

Admissions and the Office of Records and Registration will handle most of the transfer issues for incoming students. Some courses may not appear (in your SCOTS Online Degree Evaluation) to meet major or minor requirements.  Your advisor will review such courses with you and may make administrative requests that some, or all, of the courses be counted as credit for EUP requirements. Upon acceptance of these requests, the Office of Records and Registration may distribute your previous credits to the appropriate areas.  Please note that you may need to provide the course descriptions and/or syllabi from your previous institution(s).

At your first available opportunity, contact your designated advisor to review your unofficial transcript, transfer credit hours, academic requirements, and the Curriculum Requirements Sheet for the major.  If you are transferring during the summer, please contact the department chair.



Lee L. Williams, Ph.D.
Centennial Hall 337
295 Meadville Street
Edinboro, PA  16444
Phone:  814-732-1189

Department Office:

Centennial Hall 322
295 Meadville Street
Edinboro, PA  16444
Phone:  814-732-2573
Fax:  814-732-2865