Leader is a fee-for-service provider- we do not bill insurances directly. We do assist clients in obtaining reimbursement for paid services if they have insurance coverage. A reduced fee application is available and allows for 25%, 50%, or 75% fee reduction based on income and family size. Fees are as follows:

Diagnostic Examination:   
One-time fee (covers up to two diagnostic sessions)  $82.50

Speech/Language                                                        $39.60/hour (Speech/Language/Aural Rehabilitation)
Augmentative-Alternative Communication (AAC)        $60.50/hour (Augmentative-Alternative Communication)

Costs with Reduced Fee:

  Diagnostic Exam Therapy (speech/lang.) Therapy (AAC)
25% $20.62 $9.90/hour $15.12/hour
50% $37.50 $19.80/hour $30.25/hour
75% $61.87 $29.70/hour $43.37/hour