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After Awarded


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You recieved your Financial Aid Award Letter, now what?!

Once you are awarded financial aid and recieve your letter, there are some requirements the student must complete in order for the loans and/or grants to be disbursed to the University.  Not completeing these requirments may result in your loans and/or grants not coming into the University and the student recieving late fees and registration holds on their student account.

To Accept the Aid
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  • Complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrace Counseling for Federal Stafford Loans and/or Federal Parent PLUS Loans at the website.
  • If you were selected for Verfication, make sure to turn in any required information such as your Tax Transcript in your FAFSA.

Students can view all thier requirments on their SCOTS account under Financial Aid > My Eligibility > Holds > Student Requirements

To Decline or Decrease the Aid
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  • On the Financial Aid Award Letter, write the decreased amount of the loans/grants you wish to accept or "0" to decline and mail back to the Financial Aid Office.
*Note: Work Study and Institutional Work are not applied towards the tuition bill.  This is the amount the student is eligible for if they obtain a job on campus and will go to the student in the form of a bi-weekly paycheck.


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