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Class Scheduling Helpful Hints and Tips

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Yellow bullet It is important for you to attend all of your classes, even those at 8:00am.

Yellow bullet If you are not satisfied with your advisor, ask your friends with the same major about their advisor.  If you find an individual you think you would like, submit the form to change your advisor.

Yellow bullet Be sure to check your University email account regularly. Official University communications and alerts will be sent to your Live@Edu account.  Note: Faculty and Administrators use Live@Edu email address to communicate to students. By not checking this account, you will be missing important information.

Yellow bullet To use S.C.O.T.S., you will need to log into your "My Edinboro" portal via the home page. You will need to  know your User ID and Password.

Yellow bullet Make an effort to get to know your advisor.  He or she is the best source for academic information; your friend may not have reliable information.

Yellow bullet Be aware of action dates for the last date to:
            -Add a course
            -Drop a course
            -Withdraw from a course
            -The last date to withdraw from all courses and receive a refund

Yellow bullet It would be a good idea to save your alternate PIN somewhere safe so you don't lose it.  Try saving your alternate PIN in your cell phone.

Yellow bullet It would be wise to do research on the professor to see if their style of teaching fits with your learning needs.

Yellow bullet When scheduling classes, be aware of their location.  It might be difficult to go from McComb to Doucette in 10 minutes.  Also, make sure you are aware of the campuscode.  You do not want to schedule a class in Meadville or Erie when you do not have transportation to get there.

Helpful Links               

     Yellow bullet Need a Course Description?  Check out the Online Catalog.
     Yellow bullet Have a Question About Final Exams
     Yellow bullet Undergraduate Degree Requirements Sheets
     Yellow bullet Need to Update Your Personal Information or Address?
     Yellow bullet What are the Campus Bookstore Hours?  When are Textbook Buybacks?
     Yellow bullet Interested in When Classes Begin Next Semester?  Want to Know About Activities on Campus?
     Yellow bullet Need Verification of Enrollment, Transfer Credit Authorization, Order Transcripts, Overload of Credit, or Various Forms?


Scheduling Book Archive                              

Yellow bullet2011-2012 Spring Semester

Yellow bullet2011-2012 Fall Semester

Yellow bullet2010-2011 Spring Semester

Yellow bullet 2010-2011 Fall Semester

Yellow bullet 2009-2010 Spring Semester

Yellow bullet 2009-2010 Fall Semester

Yellow bullet 2008-2009 Spring Semester

Yellow bullet 2008-2009 Fall Semester

Yellow bullet 2007-2008 Spring Semester

Yellow bullet 2007-2008 Fall Semester

Yellow bullet 2006-2007 Spring Semester