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Scheduling for Incoming Freshman

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Congratulations on your decision to attend Edinboro University!  This page provides information regarding your first semester class schedule.  If you have questions, please contact an Academic Success Coordinatior: 814-732-2218, or by email,

  Class Schedule Information

A class schedule is tentatively created for you as outlined below.  You will receive a copy of your class schedule at New Student Registration.  Changes can be made to your schedule by the University during and after New Student Registration based upon course availability and placement examinations. So, please be sure to check your student email and SCOTS account for your most current schedule.

Freshman Scheduling Form:

The Admissions Office sends a packet containing a Freshman Scheduling Form. This form is used in creating your class schedule. You have an opportunity to inform us of additional factors, such as time requirements, campus preferences, and general education preferences, to assist with creating your class schedule.

Common Hour:

In support of new students, the University established a First Year Experience Program.  The Common Hour is time reserved in each first year student's schedule (12:30 - 1:45 on Tuesdays) for activities designed to help first year students become successful college learners.  Such activities include seminars in learning strategies such as note-taking skills, time management skills and learning styles.  Other Common Hour activities help first year students become familiar with campus resources, student organizations, and the myriad academic majors and career opportunities available to them.  Each academic major has dedicated first year student advisement; the first year academic advisor assists students in learning about their major and their department, meeting their faculty, navigating the curriculum, understanding certification or licensure requirements where appropriate, and becoming acclimated to both Edinboro University and their major.    


Math - A placement test will be given at New Student Registration to determine the appropriate level of Math for your skill set.

English - A placement is determined based on your SAT or ACT scores. If you did not take the SAT or ACT, you will need to take a placement test at orientation.

Chemistry - An online placement test is required for students that need CHEM 140, General Chemistry, or CHEM 240, Principles of Chemistry I.

General Education Requirements:
In addition to courses in your major, courses are selected from the General Education Core, Skills, and Health and Physical Education General Education components.  Courses from the Distribution component are generally not selected since these may be upper level courses not appropriate for a first-semester freshman student.

Sample Schedule:
A typical first semester class schedule contains fifteen credits.  By completing fifteen credits each semester in courses that apply toward your major, you should graduate in four years.  In some cases, remedial courses (ENGL 010 and MATH 020) are required but do not meet degree requirements.  However, they prepare you to be successful in required courses.

Unless you request classes to be scheduled on specific days of the week and times of the day (provided the requests can be accommodated), a typical class schedule will contain courses that meet throughout the week and the day. 

Classes are generally offered in the following patterns:
- Monday, Wednesday, Friday (50-minute period each day)
- Tuesday, Thursday (75-minute period each day)
- One-day a week usually in the evening or on Saturday (2.5 hours each day)
- In addition to class periods, each course has a 2 hour final examination intended to provide a culminating experience.  The final exam period is the last week of each semester and is preceded by a reading day during which no classes are held.

Tutoring and Academic Support:
The standard for class preparation is 2.5 hours for study and assignments for each 1 hour spent in class. Tutoring information can be found by visiting the Academic Student Success Center are available.

Your class schedule can be viewed on SCOTS as soon as it is constructed.  Please be sure to read the instructions for SCOTS before accessing the system.  Check your class schedule on SCOTS the day before classes begin to be sure you have the most up-to-date schedule.

SCOTS can also be used to view your financial aid, personal information, unofficial transcript, degree evaluation, and other services.


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Approximately two weeks before the start of the semester, all tuition and fees must be paid or arrangements finalized in order to secure your class schedule.  Be sure to return the bottom portion of the invoice to secure your class schedule.If you are unable to attend the semester for which you were accepted, please contact the Admissions Office prior to the start of the semester to avoid charges being applied to your account.
Be sure to print a copy of your class schedule from SCOTS on the day before the semester begins.  This will give you the most up-to-date information on class location.
Go to class - every class, on time, be prepared, and ask for assistance.


Please Note:

A class schedule is developed for you only for the first semester. You will be responsible for scheduling your classes for subsequent semesters. Class scheduling for the Fall Semester  begins each April.  Class scheduling for the Spring Semester (and winter session) begins each November. Please be sure to make contact with your academic advisor shortly after you begin classes at Edinboro. Your academic advisor is an important part of your college career.

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