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Green Bike Program

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Only have 5 minutes to get from Compton to Hendricks and don't want to be late to class - grab a bike and ride!

Edinboro University has a Green Bike Program to assist people in getting across campus in an environmentally friendly manner. Riders may use any of the Green Bikes to assist with on campus travel.

Feel free to ride a Green Bike anywhere on campus and leave it in a university bike rack. Someone else can then use it to get to their campus destination.

By using a University Green Bike, all participants agree to the following:

§  Green Bikes are for Edinboro University students, faculty and employees only.

§  Green Bikes will only be used on campus. If you are interested in renting a bike for off-campus use, you should contact the CORE office in the Pogue Student Center at 814-732-2942.

§  Green Bikes are ridden at your own risk. The University and its partners bear no liability for any injuries or incidents that may occur from the use of a Green Bike.

§  Any bike that presents with a mechanical malfunction MUST be immediately returned to the CORE Office for repair. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE INDIVIDUALS PERMITTED TO RIDE A BIKE THAT IS IN NEED OF REPAIR. Anyone who observes a malfunctioning Green Bike is asked to contact the CORE Office immediately for staff assistance (814-732-2942).

§  Any emergency situations should immediately be reported to the University Police at 814-732-2921.

§  Anyone who rides any bicycle on campus is subject to all applicable laws and the Student Code of Conduct. In addition, Green Bike participants must read the section of the Student Code of Conduct (below) : Violations of the Rights of Others titled,


These modes of transportation are never to be utilized inside of buildings. Exhibitions, tricks, or any travel that may involve the use of skates, skateboards, bicycles, or other means of conveyance that demonstrates an indifference to University property and/or has the potential to damage property is forbidden. At all times, pedestrians not utilizing these modes of transportation shall be given the right of way and at no time should their movement by impeded or safety compromised by the use of these items.  At no time should the use of these devices disrupt or compromise the safety of a university event or activity.


These items will always be operated in a safe and courteous manner, and at no time shall such actions include sliding up, down, or across any fixed object that is not specifically intended for such use. Additionally, for safety reasons, no jumps over or onto any fixed objects, such as chains, barriers, planters, benches, tables, railings, walls, or other University property is permitted.  Students may be held responsible for all repair costs for any affiliated damages. 

Students shall immediately discontinue the use of any such device at the direction of university personnel.

§  All campus Green Bikes were donated to the university. If you would like to know more about donating a bicycle, click here.