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Frank G. Pogue Student Center
405 Scotland Road
Edinboro, PA  16444
Phone: 814.732.2842
Fax: 814.732.2665




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Poster, Table Tents, and Literature


Student Center Posters, Table Tents, and Literature

Posting Fliers
Fliers, posters, etc. must be reviewed and stamped at the Information Desk, and will then be posted by a Student Center staff person on the appropriate bulletin board for a period of two weeks. Handwritten posters/fliers will not be accepted.  The name of department or student group sponsoring event/service/material must be on the flier/poster. Signs, fliers, etc. that are not directly related to Student Center Operations may not be taped, tacked or otherwise attached to walls, doors, trim, windows, railings, furniture or equipment at any time, unless special approval is received from the Assistant Director of Student Center Operations. 

Because of limited poster space, only 5 posters (up to 11x17 size) will be accepted to post.  If your posters are larger than 11x17, only 1-2 may be accepted, depending on the availability of space at that time.  The Student Center staff reserves the right to remove and discard any items that are not posted in accordance with these guidelines or other policies established by the University.  Once posters become outdated, they will be removed and discarded without notice to the sponsor.

Table Tents
Table tents/tabletop advertising may be displayed for use in the Student Center's common areas. The following guidelines apply:

1. All table tent postings must be scheduled through the Campus Life Office. Reservations for all space are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.
2. Name of department or Student Group sponsoring event must be on the table tents.
3. The Campus Life Office must review the design prior to the reservation start date.
4. Only University departments and student groups that are recognized each fall semester by the Campus Life Office may reserve table tent displays. Advertising for events via table tents may be started 7 days prior to the event date, i.e. advertising for an event scheduled for August 1, 2020 would begin on July 25, 2020.
5. Approved table tents will be stamped and placed by Student Center Staff. At the end of the reservation period, all table tents will be removed by Student Center Staff. The Student Center reserves the right to remove any table tents or other advertising products that are posted not in accordance with this policy.

Literature and Materials on the Information Desk
To avoid clutter, materials distributed in a "take one" fashion from the Information Center desktop are limited. Only fliers and brochures of the Student Center and other materials approved by the Assistant Director of Student Center Operations may be distributed from this location. Approval will be limited to University sponsored publications of significant appeal to a broad segment of the University community, especially students.

Coupons, "take one" fliers, commercial leaflets, and other advertising, either internal or from off-campus, will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. Once materials become outdated, they will be removed and discarded without notice to the sponsor.

Newspaper Racks
The newspaper racks inside of the Student Center are only available for use by the newspaper specified on the rack.  Any other materials found in these areas will be removed and discarded without notice to the sponsor.