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Scheduling Procedures & Tips


General Information

Remember that you must formally request your VA Benefits to be continued for each semester in which you want to use the benefits.

You can either stop in the Veterans Success Center (VSC) in Crawford Center, or print the Veterans Education Benefits request form and submit to the VSC if you wish to continue receiving benefits for the upcoming Semester.

You should request your continued benefits at the same time that you pre-schedule.  When we certify early pre-registration to the Department of Veterans Affairs it helps keep your benefit payments coming on a timely basis - the earlier the better.

Important note for UNDECLARED majors:  The maximum time you may receive benefits as an undeclared major is two semesters. The VA designates an undeclared major as "non-matriculated" and notifies students that they must declare a specific major within two enrollment terms (for example, two semesters, or a semester and a summer session).

Credit Load


All GI Bill benefits are prorated for part-time students, and the calculation differs based on which benefit you are using. The Department of Veterans Affairs uses the following scale to determine the amount of benefits an Undergraduate student will receive in a traditional (Fall / Spring) semester for all programs except Chapter 33 (Post 9-11):

Number of Credits VA Training Time
12 or more Full Time
9 to 11 3/4 Time
6 to 8 1/2 Time
4 to 5 Less Than 1/2, More Than 1/4 Time
3 or less 1/4 Time or Less

Post 9/11 GI Bill Housing Allowance and Books & Supplies payment rates are prorated based on the Rate of Pursuit and are calculated as follows:

Number of Credits Percentage of Benefit Paid
12 100%
11 90%
10 80%
9 80%
8 70%
7 60%
6 0%

In regard to Post 9/11, it is also important to note that if you are attending all online and distance education courses, as a full-time student (12 credits Undergraduate or 9 credits Graduate) you are only eligible for half of the monthly housing allowance.


The Department of Veterans Affairs calculates undergraduate full-time and part-time summer enrollment differently from the University's Financial Aid Office. The VA uses the following scale to calculate your benefits:

# credits x 18 = XX divided by # weeks in term = Equivalent Credit Hours (ECH), then round up to nearest 10th for Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) Percentage

ExampleJune 4 - July 6, 2012: 3x18=54, 54/6=9, 9=ECH of 75% =80% MHA


Priority Scheduling

The University recognizes that veterans may need to schedule classes around employment, drill, and other major life responsibilities. With this in mind, certain individuals are eligible for priority scheduling, coordinated through the Veterans Success Center. Please contact the VSC if you have any question regarding your eligibility for priority registration.

Click here to read the Edinboro University Veteran Priority Registration Policy.

Scheduling "Intent to Schedule"

Sometimes you may find you are unable to schedule all of the courses you need. Yet, it is important to submit your scheduling plans in order to renew your GI Bill. This is a good time to use the option of reserving an "Intent to Schedule" in lieu of an actual class. This is especially helpful for situations such as pending internships or special enrollment approvals.

If you need to schedule an "Intent," you will find it in the same place that you "Look Up Classes to Add" on S.C.O.T.S. Scroll down the "Subject" box to "Intent" and select the section with the appropriate number of credits. 

This will be included in your bill as any other course. When you are able to schedule the actual course or courses you need, you must drop the "Intent." You must follow up to be sure your course is scheduled before the end of the "Add Period." (All "Intents" are automatically dropped on the last day of the add period.)

Courses INELIGIBLE for Payment 

Repeat "D" Courses. The Department of Veterans' Affairs will authorize payment for repeated courses with previous withdrawal grades or failing grades. The VA, however, will not pay for enrollment in a course in which the student has previously received a passing grade ("D" or "D+"). (Exception may be made if the major requires a minimum grade of "C" for the specific course.) The school may only certify eligible courses for a student's enrollment. This means, for example, if you wish to receive full-time benefits during a semester, you must schedule at least 12 credits of eligible courses in addition to any course that you might retake to improve a "D" or "D+" grade.

Remedial Courses. The Department of Veterans Affairs will not authorize payment for remedial courses such as ENGL 010, MATH 020 or MUSC010 that do not count for credit toward meeting degree requirements. This means that even though you may be required by the University to take a remedial course, such a course cannot be counted as part of the schedule certified to the VA. For example, if you wish to receive full-time benefits, you must take at least 12 credits of eligible courses in addition to any remedial courses on your schedule.

Course Withdrawals. In general, the Department of Veterans Affairs will not pay for courses that a student withdraws from. (Exception can be made if the VA endorses mitigating circumstances that the student may submit for consideration.) This means, for example, that if you begin a semester certified at full-time status, and subsequently withdraw from enough credits to drop your schedule below full-time, your benefits will be reduced for the entire semester

Enrollment Changes

Immediately notify the VSC of any enrollment changes (adds, drops, withdrawals, etc). Failure to do so can result in adverse financial actions and loss of benefits. Failure to comply may result in debt of funds and benefits to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The ultimate responsibility for the payment of tuition & fees is YOUR responsibility.

Monthly Attendance Verification - Chapter 30, 1606, or 1607

If you receive one of the above benefits, you are required to verify your attendance to the VA at the end of each month before your payment will be released to you. The earliest you can do this is on the last day of the month.

Either call the automated telephone system at 877.823.2378 or use W.A.V.E. (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment) on-line. The web is the better method - it seems to be quicker and allows you to view information about your benefits status.

For new recipients: This monthly verification will not be available to you until your file has been reviewed and activated by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Reporting changes in your monthly verification

If you drop or withdraw from a class, you should only report changes if your enrollment status changes from full-time to part-time. For example, if you are enrolled and certified for full-time benefits - that means 12 or more undergraduate credits in a regular semester - and your time status does not drop below full-time, you should not report changes when you verify your monthly attendance. 


Check your email often! Many University offices send important information to student email accounts.  You may request that your University emails be automatically transferred to a different email address if you have a personal email account you prefer to use.


If you have questions about your benefits, often you can learn the answers from the VA website or the toll-free VA number shown in the box below. If you need further help, contact the Veterans Success Center.


Department of Veterans Affairs
(Site includes email access for specific inquiries)
Toll-free Telephone:  1-888.GIBILL.1 (1-888.442.4551)