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Networks & Telecommunications


Our Mission

 Networks & Telecommunications mission is to provide resilient information networks and to promote and integrate advance telecommunications techniques throughout the Edinboro community.  Networks & Telecommunications is responsible for voice, video and data network connectivity as well as the infrastructure over which the transport of these services take place.  Our mission includes support and education of students on University technology so they may effectively use this technology to enhance their academic experience.    

Our Team

Karen Murdzak - Director
Joe Zalik - Network Manager
Mark Lilly - StudentNet Manager
Dave Johnson - Telecommunications Manager
Chuck Virgils - Distributed Systems Specialist 1
Tom Hoehn - Distributed Systems Specialist 1


Our Responsibilities

Data Network Connectivity
  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • Video connectivity
  • Wireless technology
  • PASSHEnet wide area network
  • PASSHE Western Internet gateway
Campus Voice Systems & Infrastructure
  • Outside plant wiring infrastructure between all buildings
  • Inside building wiring infrastructure
  • Management of all University voice communications
  • Service Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Student Technology
  • Student Technology Help Center
  • Student Internet Connectivity
  • Student Cable TV System
  • Student Telephone Service

Links to our Services:

Support Requests
Network Connectivity
VPN Service
Telephone Service
Cable TV Channel