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Hubs & Routers


Because of the potential issues involved with user-installed wireless equipment, Edinboro University PROHIBITS the use of Wireless Printers, Hubs and Routers by students in the Residence Halls.  

Students bringing in personal WiFi access points/routers as well as wireless printers can severely slow down the building wireless network and affect other students nearby by overlapping existing frequencies. This can slow down Internet connectivity by 75% or more.

Another reason these devices are prohibited is because we have had repeated problems with wireless hubs/routers that have been unknowingly setup by their owner to have DHCP services enabled.  This means that anyone in the building may receive a bogus IP address from this router and will then be unable to connect to the student network.  There is only one authorized central DHCP server for the network and a "rogue" server disrupts the entire network.  If we detect a rogue DHCP server we will shut down the port immediately.

Wireless technology has opened up a new world of campus mobility but it needs to be carefully planned and setup to work properly.  Edinboro University provides wireless access in all buildings so there is no need to bring your own access points.