Windows-based devices Certification process:


1.  If you are on campus, open an internet browser and follow the on campus instructions from the link below.

     If you are off campus download the Cisco NAC agent by clicking link below and following the off campus instructions.     

                    Cisco NAC agent


                    Installation instructions (On Campus)


                    Installation instructions (Off Campus)


2.  Remove any existing Antivirus



3.  Install Microsoft Security Essentials from link below

                    Microsoft Security Essentials


                    Installation instructions


4.  Run Windows Updates



If your system meets these requirements, you will be given full access to the network.  If your system does not meet these requirements, you will be given temporary access along with instructions on what is needed to meet requirements.


Need Assistance?


If you are having problems Getting Connected please call us at (814) 732-2111 or stop in to our Technology Help Center in the front lobby of Centennial Hall.  We will be happy to help you Get Connected!