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CCA Requirements


Edinboro University requires that all non-domain (not University issued, personally owned) wireless and wired computers be certified before they are allowed full network access. Certification ensures that the computer is reasonably secure with the latest Windows updates, patches and hot fixes and also virus-free so as to not negatively impact other network users.  All personally owned non-EUP PC users are advised to make sure their computer complies with certification requirements before arriving on campus in order to eliminate the possibility of being denied network access. In general, EUP domain PC's (machines originally setup by the T&C staff and issued by the University to staff and faculty as well as some labs) are exempt from certification as they are already enabled with automatic updates and the  AV software.

Edinboro University has implemented the Cisco NAC network security system on Scotair, Edinboro's wireless network as well as special public wired areas.  The main features of this system include user authentication, vulnerability assessment and remediation. In other words, the system requires users to log in and then it checks the computer for viruses and other vulnerabilities before granting full network access.

If you own a compliant PC, you must simply provide your EUP Username and password in order to gain network access. If you own a non-compliant PC, you are provided instructions for obtaining the necessary patch and/or fix in order to make your computer compliant.  Although accessing the network via Cisco NAC should be a simple and self-explanatory procedure for most users, a detailed description of the process is provided here.


Logging On:

When you attempt to log on to Edinboro University's wireless or public wired network, you will be prompted to enter your User ID and Password.

If this is your first time you will be prompted to download and install the Cisco NAC Agent.  For detailed instructions and screenshots of the Log On process click on this link:  Getting Logged On 

Once you have installed the NAC Agent, you will be prompted to Log In again using your User ID and password.  Your system will be scanned to ensure the following:

          It meets the miminum supported requirements.
          It has all the latest operating system updates.
          It has an approved anti-virus package installed
          and is up-to-date.

        Microsoft Security Essentials will be the only supported Antivirus Application: click here to download and install Microsoft Security Essentials

If your system meets these requirements, you will be given full access to the network. 

If your system does NOT meet the NAC requirements, you will be given temporary access along with a report of what is needed to meet those requirements. If you are required to install Windows updates or hotfixes you will need to visit and install the required updates.  For detailed instructions on how to install Windows Updates click on this link:  A Guide to Installing Windows Updates   If you do not have active anti-virus software installed you will be given the option to install Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-Virus from the internet at no charge. To install Microsoft Security Essentials click on this link:  Installing Microsoft Security Essentials

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