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Edinboro's Wi Fi Networks


Edinboro University has adopted a standard security policy that requires all devices to use WPA2-Enterprise encryption, in order to gain access to Edinboro University's networks. We enforce using WPA2-Enterprise encryption to maintain the security or our networks so that you connection, data and transactions are secure and protected.


All devices must support WPA2-Enterprise in order to connect to the Edinboro wireless networks.  You can look up your device's compatibility on the Wi-Fi Alliance product page: .Once you have found your device, click on "download" in the certificate column to find out whether or not your device supports WPA2-Enterprise encryption. 

There are two main wireless networks on campus:


EU-NET   is the wireless network used in all Academic, Administrative and Non-Residential buildings.  

EU-RESNET   is assigned to all Residence Hall buildings. 

To connect to either of these networks follow the instruction links below choosing the type of device and operating system you are using. Both networks use the same setup process. If you have any questions or issues with connectivity please call the EU Technology Helpdesk at 814-732-2111 and we will be happy to assist you.  

            EU-NET                                                          EU-RESNET

 Setup - Windows 8                                            Setup - Windows 8

 Setup - Windows 7                                            Setup - Windows 7

 Setup-Windows Vista                                         Setup-Windows Vista

 Setup - Mac OS X                                                Setup - Mac OS X

 Setup - Android                                                 Setup - Android

 Setup - iPad, iPhone, iTouch                     Setup - iPad, iPhone, iTouch

 Setup - LINUX                                                      Setup - LINUX


***All Residence Hall rooms have wired connections available: Wired Instructions

If you are doing critical work or need reliable speed and bandwidth at all times please plug in your device if it is Ethernet capable. During peak usage hours the wireless network can become congested.


***Gaming consoles must use the wired connection instead of the wireless network.


Student Technology "To Do" List


Troubleshooting Tips