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President's Advisory Council (EUPAC)


The Edinboro University President's Advisory Council (EUPAC) is composed of constituent leaders who serve on the Council to advise the President of Edinboro University.   It is important to have input from business, education, legislative and social service leaders from the regional community regarding issues facing higher education in general and Edinboro University in particular.  The EUPAC is a volunteer organization that helps assure that Edinboro University procedures, services and outreach are responsive to the educational needs of our community, while acting as a sounding board and providing advice to the President and University leaders.

Membership in the EUPAC:

Members of the EUPAC represent the diversity of the regional community in terms of community position, career, gender, age and education.  EUPAC Members are asked to make a two-year commitment to the Council.  Members are asked to:  meet four times per year at Edinboro University, attend special meetings as necessary, be available to the President or her staff by telephone when necessary, prepare for meetings by reading background information, and publicly support Edinboro University and its initiatives.

EUPAC Guidelines:

  • The EUPAC will meet four times per year at regularly scheduled times. Meeting days and times will be distributed to the group annually to allow for advance planning.
  • There is no attendance requirement, but we hope you will attend as often as possible.
  • We ask that you call in advance (814-732-2711) if you cannot attend scheduled meetings.
  • Please try to arrive on time so that we may start and finish on time.
  • We welcome your feedback about the meeting structure.
  • EUPAC members will bring issues and topics for discussion to the Council for its review.
  • EUPAC members will be provided with an agenda in advance of each meeting. EUPAC members will receive an email two weeks prior to the meeting to encourage inclusion of ideas on the agenda.


EUPAC Liaison:  Tina Mengine, Vice President for University Advancement



Edinboro University of Pennsylvania President’s Advisory Council Members

 Dr. Jay Badams, Superintendent, Erie City School District

 Brigadier General Mark Bellini, VP & Director, Middle East Programs for ITT Mission Systems

John Drew, Retired, Erie School District

 Jessica Erickson, Marquette Savings Bank

 Daniel Higham, U.S. Bronze Foundry and Machine

 James Kirk, First National Bank

Dr. Frank Mainzer, Retired, Neurosurgeon

 Richard McKissock, McKissock, LP

 Dr. Nancy Rung, Retired Podiatrist

 Patrick Santelli, Retired, Pfizer, Inc.

 Richard Scaletta, Superintendent, General McLane School District

 Dr. Anthony Snow, Community Healthnet

Craig Walker, Owner, Walker Brothers Buick Chevrolet

Linda Wilkinson, Retired, Hamot Second Century Fund

 Perry Wood, Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA)