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Advisor of the Year Award

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The Advisor of the Year Award recognizes Edinboro University faculty who play vital roles in the success of our students.

University students, faculty, staff, Trustees, alumni and retired faculty and staff are invited to submit nominations of tenured and tenure-track faculty for the Advisor of the Year Award.  Nominations should highlight the nominee's accomplishments, contributions and achievements that have occurred during the most recent calendar year. Specific examples will reinforce and strengthen the nomination. 

Ensure that your nomination is thorough and complete.  Please consider addressing some of the following items in your nomination:

Does your academic advisor:

· Post hours and follow them?

· Explain General Education Requirements for majors and internships?

· Help you set goals?

· Provide assistance toward reaching goals?

· Display interest in you and make appropriate referrals to campus services?

Is your academic advisor:

· Easy to talk with?

· Accessible?

· Approachable?

If your academic advisor meets the above criteria:

· Fill out the online nomination form below.

· State all the reasons why your ADVISOR is the BEST.

· Submit the form to Dr. Denise Ohler, 112 R. Benjamin Wiley Arts and Sciences Center,
Friday, April 12, 2013.

Once your nomination is received, we will inform your nominee that he or she will be required to provide a Statement of Advising Philosophy to the committee for review.