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          Adult Honor Society

          Edinboro University invites adult students to become a part of Alpha Sigma Lambda, an adult honor society with over 300 chartered chapters across the nation, each committed to the advancement of learning and superior scholarship and leadership in adult students.

          Students involved with the adult honor society

          Both nationally and at Edinboro University, adult students achieve great academic success. We recognize that achievement in several ways, including the EU Honors Program, eligibility for scholarships, Dean’s List recognition, graduation honors and membership in academic honor societies. Students who have high academic achievements are honored each spring at the University’s Academic Honors Convocation. In addition, adult students are invited to be members of Alpha Sigma Lambda.

          With over 300 chartered chapters, Alpha Sigma Lambda is the oldest and largest chapter-based honor society for adult students. This national organization is devoted to the advancement of learning and recognition of superior scholarship and leadership in adult learners who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of family, community and work. For the adult student, the Society stands as an inspiration for continuing scholastic growth, and is a builder of pride through recognition.

          Edinboro University’s chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda is Eta Upsilon Pi. Eligibility criteria for membership includes:

          • 12 credit hours earned in liberal arts and science courses
          • 24 credit hours earned at Edinboro University
          • Be in the top 20 percent of the class (based on number of earned credits) AND a minimum QPA of 3.2

          Students may be enrolled in either baccalaureate or associate degree programs and can be full- or part-time students. Those who meet the basic eligibility criteria are invited to membership in this prestigious organization. New members are inducted at a ceremony in the spring of each year.

          For more information about Alpha Sigma Lambda, please visit the organization’s national website here.