Contact Info

          Frank G. Pogue Student Center
          405 Scotland Road
          Edinboro, PA  16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2842
          Fax: (814) 732-2665

          Building Guidelines

          Visitors to the Pogue Student Center are asked to follow the guidelines outlined on this page to ensure everyone’s safety.

          Bicycles, Roller Blades and Skateboards

          Bicycles are not allowed in the building; roller blades and skateboards may be carried but not used. Heeleys must have the wheels disabled when inside the building. Bicycles should be secured at outside bike racks only—not attached to columns, light poles or railings.

          Shirts and Shoes

          Shirts and shoes must be worn in the Student Center at all times for both hygiene and safety reasons.


          Non-University vehicles are not usually allowed on the sidewalks, grassy areas or planting beds surrounding the building in the interest of pedestrian safety and to protect underground pipes, wires, etc. Loading dock use is permitted for authorized deliveries. There should be no parking in front of the loading dock area.


          With the exception of guide or service dogs, or security dogs with handlers, no animals are allowed within the Student Center.

          Open Flames

          No open flames are allowed in the Student Center.


          In order to provide usable space for all groups inside the Student Center, amplified sounds must be held to acceptable levels. The Student Center staff is authorized to ask any group to bring its activity to within acceptable sound levels.


          Tobacco of all kinds is prohibited in all areas of the Student Center.

          Storage of Personal/Organizational Items

          The Student Center will not store personal or organizational items. Therefore, items may not be left at the Information Desk or placed in the Student Center storerooms for any period of time. We will store items for departments or organizations on campus overnight if the items are related to an event taking place in the building. If items are left following an event in the building, they will be stored by Student Center staff overnight, and if they are not claimed by the next day, they will be disposed of without notice to the sponsoring group.

          Locked Areas

          No one may enter locked areas of the building without permission from a Student Center staff member. This includes locked meeting rooms, storerooms, etc. Only on-duty Student Center staff should be accessing those areas and for business purposes only.