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          Support Your Student

          We know that today’s students feel many pressures, including the pressure to succeed in college and start the perfect career. Parents, relatives and other supportive individuals often want to know how to best support and help their student be as successful as possible. Here are our top tips to help your college student:

          1. Ask questions

          Become familiar with the resources on campus and ask your student about them. Questions like “How did your visit to the Career Center go this semester?” can start a valuable conversation.

          1. Share your stories

          While we know that the job market may have changed significantly since you were the same age as your student, you should know that your personal stories can have more impact than you may think. Let your student know what you wish you would have done differently – or how happenstance led you to your own career path. Relate to some of the anxieties your student may be feeling about transitioning from student to professional.

          1. Guide your student to resources – but don’t do everything for him or her.

          Chances are if you are reading this, you have also read about the many other resources that Edinboro provides. Make sure your student knows about these resources – but please don’t try to access all of them on behalf of your student. We know that parents and other supportive people want to help their student succeed – but sometimes these efforts can backfire on a student. In the world of career development, an employer who receives a call from a parent is likely to judge that student incapable of making sound professional decisions. This can ultimately hurt your student in the job search.

          1. Help your student network

          If you are established in your career or have contacts in various industries, reach out and let them know that your student is seeking internship or career opportunities. This can help your student establish connections that he or she may not have otherwise had.

          1. Encourage experiential learning

          It’s common to focus on grades and academic achievement alone, but it is becoming more important than ever for students to have real-world, hands-on experiences that complement the academic experience. Encourage your students to be involved in campus activities, internships, volunteer experiences, research, part-time employment and other extra-curricular activities.

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