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          Center for Career Development
          Edinboro University
          200 Tartan Road
          236 Baron-Forness Library
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2781 

          Fax: (814) 732-2909

          Volunteer Opportunities

          Edinboro University’s Center for Career Development promotes volunteer opportunities as a way for students to explore a career path, network and build their resume.

          “Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

          Why volunteer?

          Volunteering is a great way to network and meet new people. It also offers you an amazing experience that can enhance your employability, benefits your personal development, and helps you make informed career choices.

          Maybe you would like to explore your career choice before fully committing yourself. You can test the waters through volunteering. Perhaps you’d like to make a difference in a particular nonprofit area. Volunteering helps you improve the lives of others and enjoy something that you are interested in while making an impact on the community.

          Volunteer and work with others while sharpening your leadership, problem solving and communication skills—skills that are impressive to future employers.

          Volunteer Opportunities

          Action Without Borders: Idealist
          America’s Charities
          Earth Watch
          Global Volunteers
          Green Peace
          Habitat for Humanity
          Nonprofit Career Network
          Peace Corps
          Servenet Volunteer Match
          Student Conservation Association
          Teach for America