Contact Info

          Office of Environmental Health and Safety
          Reeder Hall, Lower Level
          219 Meadville Street
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2709
          Fax: (814) 732-2228

          Jim Dahle
          Director of Environmental Health and Safety
          Phone: (814) 732-2709
          (814) 732-2228

          Brian Marshall
          Environmental Health and Safety Technician
          Phone: (814) 732-1741

          Emergency Preparedness

          The Office of Environmental Health and Safety provides University students, faculty, staff and visitors with plans of action and guidelines for emergency situations.

          The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is available to assist the campus community at large in emergency preparedness and serves as a central collection point for all campus emergency plans. The campus’ alert system and emergency plans are outlined below. For more information, please contact the EHS Office.

          EU Shield Safety App and Emergency Alert System

          Edinboro University uses the EU Shield safety application and mass notification system to provide important, life-saving information in emergency situations. This system includes the latest in enhanced safety features to protect students, employees and visitors to our campus.

          A key component of the new system is the EU Shield mobile web application. This safety app for your phone offers ready access to:

          • Emergency alerts
          • Emergency procedures information
          • An “Emergency!” button to call for help
          • iReport crime tip submission
          • Crime map and other features

           The EU Shield safety app can be downloaded through the Google Play or Apple App Store. The app is free.

          Please note when setting up your profile within the app that you will be required to provide a personal identification number (PIN). Remember your PIN, because it will be needed to update your profile in the future and to use some features within the app.

          The University also uses the following additional methods to inform the campus community in emergencies:

          • Text and email messages
          • Social media messages
          • Campus TV messages
          • Outdoor speaker messages
          • Indoor speaker messages in some buildings

          Currently enrolled students are automatically signed up to receive text and email notifications. Employees who wish to sign up for text and email notifications as an alternative to downloading the app can do so  using the Registration / Login feature in myEdinboro.  

          The EU Shield mobile app was made possible through financial assistance by the EU Student Government Association.  

          Emergency Response Guides and Plans

          University Emergency Response Guide: The University Emergency Response Guide contains information that was created to assist University employees and students in responding to a variety of emergency situations. It is maintained by the University Police Department.

          Building Emergency Action Plans (BEAPs): Building-specific emergency action plans are being developed for all campus facilities. If you would like to assist in the creation of your building’s emergency action plans, contact Environmental Health and Safety.

          Special Event Emergency Planning: Edinboro University hosts special events throughout the year, including sporting events, concerts, fundraisers and SGA-sanctioned events. Nationally, as well as locally, special events typically transpire with few or no problems. However, when something does go wrong, either as a result of a natural hazard or a man-made hazard, the potential risk of injury or death is greatly increased due to the number of people present. To assist in mitigating these and other threats and to respond appropriately, all special events should have an emergency plan.

          Hazard Mitigation Plan: Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) was awarded a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to update plans for all State System universities. Edinboro University's Hazard Mitigation Plan recently was granted Approval-Pending-Adoption status from FEMA.

          Important Contact Information

          Emergency Number: 9-1-1
          On-Campus Emergency Number: 2911

          The Edinboro University Police Department is the primary contact for all campus emergencies. Campus Police will notify outside emergency responders as needed.

          Campus Police (non-emergency): (814) 732-2921
          Environmental Health and Safety: (814) 732-2709
          Facilities: (814) 732-2826
          Health Services: (814) 732-2743
          University Counseling Services: (814) 732-2252