Work Request

          SchoolDude Security Update

          The latest SchoolDude security update requires each Requester to use a personal password when logging in to submit a request. This provides an initial layer of security on top of the Submittal Password used on each request form. The submittal password will remain Edinboro for all users.

          Instructions for Initial Log In

          Existing Requesters

          (e.g., have previously submitted work orders, incident, events, etc.) have a default password assigned to their email address, and will be prompted to update the password the first time they log in. Existing Requesters enter email and password
          1. Select Forgot Password? at the top of the page.
          2. Enter your email address and select Submit.
          3. The screen will now say “Your email is on the way! Check your email for instructions on how to reset your password.” (The email could go to your spam folder, so if you don’t see it, check there.)
          4. Open that email and click on the link it provides. Enter a password, confirm the password and select >Reset Password
          5. Go back to your original screen and enter your email address and your password and select Sign In.
          6. It will now take you to the screen you are accustomed to seeing and you may enter new requests in the same manner as always.

          New Requesters

          (e.g., have never submitted an online request) will have the ability to register and will become an official user after their first submission of a work order, IT incident, etc. Existing Requesters register to log in

          1. Complete the registration form and choose a password.
          2. Select Register.

          For further information about the security updates and instructions on logging into School Dude, click here.

          Please check the box below to acknowledge the changes for School Dude and continue.

           I have read the instructions above and am aware of the new changes for submitting a work order in School Dude.