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          Information Services

          The Information Services team is accountable for the design, implementation, operation, and future requirements of administrative information and central technology facilities supporting the University community.

          The Information Services staff provides for students, faculty and staff:

          • Design, development, implementation and support for enterprise identity and access management services, directory services, enterprise portal, and software application services, including database administration for the University’s central enterprise systems.
          • Design, development, implementation and support for University data centers and security supporting the University, which includes database, web and application servers, data storage, load balancers, backups and disaster recovery. 
          • Operation and maintenance of the central student and administrative services and data warehousing at the University, as well as the daily operational requirements for transaction processing and reporting.
          • Assurance that systems and data that are shared by users throughout the organization have high levels of availability and functionality, including communication methods such as enterprise mail, distribution lists and personal calendaring. 

          Information Services Contacts

          Below is a list of members of the Information Services:

          Sallie A. Terpack – Director of Information Services

          Lloyd Brown – Application Developer 2
          Austin Price – IT Generalist 2
          Thomas Johns – Application Developer 2
          Linda Sipple – Systems Administrator
          Joe Moyers – Programmer/ Analyst
          William Vitanyi – Programmer/ Analyst