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          Office of the Provost
          Reeder Hall
          219 Meadville Street
          Edinboro, PA  16444
          Phone:  (814) 732-2729

          Dr. Michael Hannan
          Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

          Helpful Documents

          Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

          Edinboro University works to support an ongoing and sustainable system of student learning outcomes assessment for all academic programs.

          SLOA Coordinator

          Dr. Amy McClune
          Department of Nursing

          SLOA Advisory Board

          Dr. Kosin Isariyawongse
          Department of Business and Economics

          Dr. Timothy Meyer
          Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

          Dr. Joel Erion
          Department of Counseling, School Psychology, and Special Education

          SLOA Department Representatives

          Department of Art: Professor Suzanne Proulx
          Department of Biology and Health Services: Dr. David Fulford, Dr. Craig Steele
          Department of Business and Economics: Dr. Michael Morrison
          Department of Chemistry: Dr. Gerald Hoffman
          Department of Communication, Journalism and Media: Dr. Kathleen Golden, Dr. Ronald Raymond, Dr. Andrew Smith
          Department of Counseling, School Psychology and Special Education: Dr. Joel Erion
          Department of Criminal Justice, Anthropology, and Forensic Studies: Dr. Joseph Conti, Dr. Lenore Barbian
          Department of Early Childhood and Reading: Dr. Lisa Brightman
          Department of English and Philosophy: Dr. William Hunter
          Department of Geosciences: Dr. Joseph Reese, Dr. Karen Eisenhart
          Department of Health and Physical Education: Dr. Laura Miller
          Department of History, Politics, Languages and Cultures: Dr. Ihor Bemko, Dr. Bridget Jeffery
          Department of Mathematics and Computer Science: Dr. Anne Quinn
          Department of Middle and Secondary Education, and Education Leadership: Dr. Whitney Wesley
          Department of Nursing: Undergraduate - Professor Andrea Chelton; MSN/DNP - Dr. Jill Rodgers
          Department of Physics and Technology: Dr. Richard Lloyd, Professor Peter Kuvshinikov
          Department of Psychology: Dr. Michael Skelly
          Department of Social Work: Dr. Elaine Rinfrette, Dr. Hilary Copp
          Department of Sociology: Dr. Samuel Claster
          Department of Speech, Language and Hearing: Dr. Skye Lewis

          SLOA Department Reports

          Music and Theatre
          Communication Studies
          Journalism and Public Relations
          English and Philosophy
          History, Politics, Languages and Cultures
          Criminal Justice, Anthropology, and Forensic Studies
          Biology and Health Services
          Mathematics and Computer Science
          Physics and Technology
          Social Work (undergraduate | graduate)
          Speech, Language, and Hearing
          Business and Economics
          Rehabilitation Counseling
          Early Childhood and Reading
          Health and Physical Education
          Middle and Secondary Education, and Educational Leadership