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          Living Learning Communities

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          Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide students with opportunities to interact with faculty and fellow students outside of the classroom in a living environment that promotes student success.

          Students residing in LLCs perform better academically, demonstrated in higher Grade Point Averages. Living in an LLC will be one of the most influential aspects of university life. Why choose an LLC?

          • Your scholar-in-residence will help you to get connected on campus.
          • The community fosters career-based relationships with peers.
          • You will grow and develop skill sets in balancing social, work and academic commitments, time management and the creative ability to navigate and solve your own problems.
          • The community promotes career interest and career exploration in collaboration with your scholar-in-residence.
          • Spontaneous and intentional learning opportunities arise within and between living-learning communities.

          For those who would like room types with increased privacy yet access to events that root students into the academic and social communities, Highlands 3 is located near a variety of athletic facilities including the football stadium. The Residence Life staff helps students connect with each other in low-risk settings. The most introverted of students grows and develops within this highly developmental community. Within a community thriving with school spirit, residents can:

          • Develop friendship circles
          • Learn about Scottish tradition and EU traditions
          • Participate in First Year Experience events such as Hall Olympics
          • Develop study strategies around test-taking
          • Develop study skills for a variety of core classes
          • Establish a strong grade point average

          • As student advocates, utilize peer voices for the betterment of all students.
          • Understand how individuals are affected by systems and processes.
          • Understand steps to become “campus change agents” through interactions with faculty and staff; recognize the change agent influence through community service initiatives.
          • Learn how individuals recognize difference in terms of the world.
          • Develop and express appreciation for celebrated differences.

          The Education LLC provides students with a variety of educational and social programs. Throughout the academic year, student residents become a community of learners who are able to gain knowledge and share experiences with one another. A scholar is available to help with coursework, purchase school supplies and necessities that other communities do not receive, and arrange social and educational trips, as well as in-community events. Located in Highlands 8, the Education LLC provides EU students with pathways to numerous educational resources that are unique to the teaching profession.

          The SSH LLC welcomes students who are interested in English, secondary education-English, philosophy, political science, foreign languages, anthropology, social studies education, sociology, women’s studies and history. Housed in Highlands 7, this community provides multiple opportunities for residents to interact with each other and to experience life outside the four walls of a traditional classroom through travel to Salem, Boston, Chicago, Charleston, Philadelphia and Washington, DC at reduced rates for LLC students.

          Social Sciences Living Learning Community will sponsor a trip next year from March 21-24, 2019 to Washington D.C.

          Located in Highlands 2, the Global LLC welcomes residents to immerse themselves into a celebration of culture. Promoting global learning and diversity awareness, students will advocate for others, design community service initiatives and fully integrate within the Edinboro community. Internationally-based programs such as study abroad, international business, multicultural events and experiential learning events are community cornerstones.
          This aesthetic floor welcomes all who represent different ethnicities, religions, genders and programs of study. Members of this community have the opportunity to engage in dialogue about differences and make an impact through service-based initiatives in our community. The Global LLC community develops multicultural and global awareness and prepares participants for advanced student leadership roles. Limited to 21 students, the Global Community is a collaboration between The Center for Diversity and Inclusion, The Global Education Office and the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

          The Honors Community provides an avenue for high-achieving students in all majors to dialogue and benefit from each other’s strengths and various curriculums. Located in Highlands 2 and Earp Hall, this LLC provides convenient access to the Earp Hall Honors Program Office as well as the Skipjacks food court located in Rose Hall.

          The STEM community in Highlands 5 features field trips to the Carnegie Science Center, movie nights and social events, and other interactive events to promote resident students across STEM fields to know one another. Connections are made beyond the classroom and active participants in this LLC benefit not only during their Edinboro student years but also as EU alum. The scholar in residence focuses on tutoring hours, group study sessions and offers key study events during mid-term and final exam times.

          The mission of the Arts LLC is to enhance the out of classroom experience for studio artists, graphic designers, writers, animators and filmmakers, as well as students interested in theater and similar artistic pursuits. Located in Highlands 4, a strong sense of imaginative fellowship is experienced through critique nights, group projects and studio time. The scholar in residence is an upper-class art major connecting artists, offering community service opportunities such as mural design and promotes cultural events in the nearby cities of Erie, Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

          ROTC: Located in Rose hall, the ROTC community of students who study military science and who participate in EU’s ROTC program. This LLC provides convenient access to Hendricks Hall as well as Skipjacks food court located in Rose Hall. Students study, are involved with community service and further develop leadership skills in conjunction with military science courses.

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          Social Sciences Living Learning Community will sponsor a trip to Washington D.C. from March 21-24, 2019