Edinboro Highland Games & Scottish Festival – September 6, 2014

3rd Annual Celtic Harp Competition 

Categories and Entry Requirements

Age Categories:

  1. Youth, 17 years old and younger
  2. Open, 18 – 80+

Harper Categories:

Edinboro's Scottish Harp Society of America-sanctioned competition will have the following solo harp categories: beginner, novice, apprentice, journeyman, and master. For complete information, visit: http://www.shsa.org/competitions/rules-handbook.


  1. Harp Competition Entry fee $35 prepaid; $40 at the door. Scottish Harp Society of America membership required; $18 at the door.

  2. Entry form completed, signed, and returned with check by August 30, 2014 (be sure to indicate both your age category and harper category).
  3. The order of competitors within each category will be determined by the Competition Coordinator half hour prior to the start of the competition.
  4. If a competitor is not present when called for, he/she may be disqualified.
  5. No harps may be tuned in the competition area during competitions, except if necessary by the competitor on stage.
  6. Edinboro University and the Celtic Harp Competition shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to competitor’s property, including but not limited to competitor’s instruments or other equipment.
  7. The decision of the judge shall be final and binding in respect to all matters relating to the competition and shall be accepted by each competitor.

Questions? Contact Harp Competition Coordinator: Maia Chisholm at milady814@gmail.com.


Celtic Harp Competition Entry Form