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          • Student and Alumni Success Stories and Testimonials

          My Edinboro Story

          A successful outcome, a fulfilling journey, a life-changing experience…

          Those are the stories being written by EU students every day. The leaders of tomorrow don’t just choose Edinboro for a quality education, they are here to make a difference, and create their own chapter in history.

          That’s the true spirit of a Fighting Scot.

          My Story: Sam Smith

          "The community of Edinboro is special, and the opportunities for students are amazing."

          Sam Smith, Class of 2018
          Major: Graphic Design

          The community of Edinboro is special. It is an affinity shared among students, staff, and faculty. Graphic Design is my passion. All of the professors in Graphic Design drive me to excel. They guide me and challenge me to drive myself. My time at Edinboro has exposed me to award-winning programming and design opportunities near and far. I am now confident presenting my own work to the art community. I am grateful for the transformative opportunity to study at Edinboro University. I know I will leave Edinboro prepared to express my design aesthetic to the world. 

          "One common quality among all the alumni of Edinboro I have met is their passion for EU."

          Matt Dundulis, Class of 2017
          Major: Business – Accounting Personal Financial Planning

          I was introduced to Edinboro through an Alumni connection. One common quality among all the alumni of Edinboro I have met is their passion for EU. They reveal this passion in many ways through mentoring students, coming back to speak to our classes, and through providing financial support to our students. Not only has my education been supported by alumni, they have provided me with invaluable advice, support, and opportunities. When I graduate, I know I will pay forward the kindness I have received.

          My Story: Matt Dundulis

          My Story: Sydney Trathen

          "My advisor made the difference in my education."

          Sydney Trathen, Class of 2018
          Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences – Audiology

          My advisor, Dr. Roy Shinn, made the difference in my education. Through his passion, I was able to find my focus in Audiology. He always makes sure I put my academics first and he pushes me to do my best — on the court and in the classroom. I always know I can look up in McComb Fieldhouse and see him cheering us on in the stands. Chances are you are like me and a scholarship helped make your Edinboro education possible. As a scholar-athlete I understand how individual actions impact team performance. The lessons I've learned on the court here at Edinboro will undoubtedly serve me well in my personal and professional life.

          "Edinboro has given me the tools for success in making a global business impact."

          Samuellar Opoku, Class of 2020
          Major: Business Marketing

          From the time I was young, it was a personal goal of mine to attend and graduate from a university. The scholarships I receive inspire me to have faith in myself and make it possible to pursue my dream. I work hard to make sure I do well and return the investment Edinboro made in me. Edinboro has given me the tools for success in making a global business impact while still providing individualized education and a support system that has become my family.

          My Story Samuellar Opoku

          My Story: Caleb

          "Involvement in campus activities helped me achieve greater academic success."

          Caleb Richardson III, Class of 2017 

          My four years at Edinboro have been the best years of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. At Edinboro, you're more than just a number in a classroom: You're a Fighting Scot. Edinboro University has given me great opportunities to network and broaden my horizons, while becoming the best person I can be. During my years at Edinboro, I became involved with Student Government, campus media and our Black Student Union. These organizations have helped me gain confidence and provided me an experience that I believe I couldn't have received at a different University. 

          "Opportunities at EU prepared me to be a leader."

          Andrew Dyer, Class of 2017
          Major: Psychology – Applied Mental Health

          The opportunities I had as an Edinboro student were incredible, and prepared me to be a leader. This is a place where you can enjoy being part of a close-knit group, while also growing and thriving as an individual. I feel more confident than ever before thanks to my EU experience. Wherever my life takes me, I know that I am prepared for success. 

          My Story: Andrew

          My Story: Jessica

          "I will be forever grateful to the faculty and staff who supported me."

          Jessica Porter, Class of 2018 
          Dual major in Early Childhood Pre-K-4 and Special Education K-8

          Touring the campus and meeting faculty and staff were the biggest reasons I chose Edinboro. From the minute I arrived, everyone was so helpful and caring, and that has continued to this day. My experience at Edinboro has been everything I thought it would be and more. The campus is truly a community, and students can always get the personal attention they need. I will be forever grateful for all of the support I've been given here at EU.