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          Edinboro University adds new programs
          August 31, 2018
          Edinboro University announced Tuesday the launch of 10 new programs and reconfigurations of existing offerings. The changes are further reflection of the University’s commitment to meeting the needs of students... Read More
          Edinboro University – For Those who Strive
          August 30, 2018
          Monday marked the beginning of what promises to be an exciting year for Edinboro University. As a result of increasing admissions standards, the University saw a 12 percent year-over-year reduction in its ... Read More
          Highland Games at Edinboro University celebrate beauty, brawn of Scottish culture
          August 29, 2018
          Let the games begin! Edinboro University’s picturesque campus will be filled with the colorful traditions of Scotland during the 25th annual Highland Games & Scottish Festival, Sept. 6-9. Read More
          Edinboro Planetarium celebrates 50 years of academic entertainment
          August 28, 2018
          Neil Armstrong and his Apollo 11 crew landed on the moon during the historic NASA flight in July 1969. Read More
          Five new community programs launched in Edinboro’s School of Education
          August 27, 2018
          Edinboro University’s School of Education is rolling out new-look facilities and programs to enhance the student experience and serve children in the local communities. Read More
          Edinboro student earns national music fraternity award
          August 15, 2018
          An Edinboro University graduate student earned a national fraternity award for academic success and organizational leadership. Read More
          Edinboro offers financial assistance with new Pittsburgh Promise partnership
          August 08, 2018
          Students in the Class of 2019 from Pittsburgh’s Public Schools could qualify for substantial scholarship opportunities at Edinboro University, thanks to a new partnership with the Pittsburgh Promise. Read More
          25 things to do before Aug. 25
          August 01, 2018
          E-Reg and First Day Attendance: All students are required to indicate their intent to attend classes for the fall and spring at Edinboro by the E-Reg option on MyEdinboro and attending the first class session ... Read More
          Bruce named 2018 Frederick Douglass scholar at Edinboro
          July 27, 2018
          A school counselor and counseling educator with an extensive background at the secondary education level, Kevon J. Bruce, M.Ed., joins Edinboro University’s School of Education in the Department of Counseling, ... Read More
          Retired Edinboro bioethics director establishes religious speaker program
          July 17, 2018
          A long-tenured Edinboro University professor emeritus and foremost authority on religion and bioethics has pledged a gift to Edinboro to establish a religious speaker circuit. Read More