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Veteran Hollywood Actor/Producer/Director Patrick Kilpatrick to film segments of action movie at Edinboro University


EDINBORO, Pa. – Internationally known as one of America’s finest screen and television “villains” of our generation, Patrick Kilpatrick and his companies are teaming with the Film Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania and the Edinboro University Campus Police Department to film a large segment of an action feature at Edinboro University May 5-12.

Kilpatrick’s companies, Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc. (UDF) and Hollywood International Film Fund, Inc. (HIFF), will produce a segment of the film “Active Shooter” during the coming week, on and around Edinboro’s campus.

Executive Produced by Dr. Michael Angelletta, conceived, directed and produced by Kilpatrick, the director of photography is Ramin Ramipour and the film will star a cadre of military, police and Hollywood talent. There will be a wide assemblage of international stars as well as regional talent. “Active Shooter” is a multi-layered story-within-a-story action wide-release feature film dealing with one of international societies’ greatest threats.

“The project is conceptually cutting edge, broad audience-attractive, laced with action and dynamic human values,” said Kilpatrick. “UDF/HIFF is completely devoted to leading a worldwide audience to brilliantly arresting stories and dramatic realms never before visited. We're privileged to work hand-in-hand with this extraordinary university and their law enforcement heroes, and with the outstanding film artisans percolating throughout the Erie area."

Kilpatrick’s worldwide reputation as an actor of 120-plus films and television productions, with associations ranging from Steven Spielberg to Public Broadcasting, together with the co-producing talents of Edinboro University Campus Police Lt. Eric Kraus and Edinboro filmmaker John C. Lyons, plus the logistical expertise of Edinboro University Campus Police Chief Clark D. Peters, has resulted in an assemblage of tactical and cinematic resources usually relegated to massive studio productions.

Kilpatrick first learned of Edinboro University several years ago through his association with Lt. Kraus and Kraus’ involvement as advisor for the Edinboro Archery Club. Through that connection, Kilpatrick also conducted a theatrical workshop at Edinboro.

According to Chief Peters, the film will not only demonstrate police preparedness in crisis situations, but also demonstrate that Northwestern Pennsylvania, as well as the entire Commonwealth, present outstanding locations for filmmakers.

About Patrick Kilpatrick

Patrick KilpatrickAs rugged as he is genteel, the six-foot two-inch, 220-pound Kilpatrick nearly died in a car crash as a teenager, but instead rehabilitated to first write for every major magazine and advertising agency in New York, and then largely do his own stunts in 100-plus films and television projects.

His action film appearances span a multitude of genres, embracing an international “Who's Who” of leading men: “Replacement Killers” against Chow Yun Fat; Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Caan in “Eraser;” “Last Man Standing” opposite Bruce Willis: “Under Siege II” opposite Steven Seagal; “Presidio” opposite Sean Connery and Mark Harmon; two award-winning and highly rated original cable westerns opposite Tom Selleck, “Last Stand at Saber River” and “Crossfire trail;”  one western opposite Sam Elliot and Kate Capshaw, HBO's Premiere Films adaptation of Louis L' Amour's “The Quick and the Dead;” and the ever-popular action mainstay, “Death Warrant,” opposite Jean Claude Van Damme as The Sandman. Kilpatrick has even done battle with the largest mammal on earth in “Free Willy III.”

The versatile actor has played leads in productions ranging from "American Playhouse" to a film debut in Nick Roeg's masterwork "Insignificance" to Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra" at Los Angeles Theater Center in the hands of Academy Award-winning Director Tony Richardson. Kirpatrick’s resume embraces reoccurring roles on such hit television shows as "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," "Tour of Duty," “Dark Angel,” Stephen King's popular miniseries, "The Stand," HBO's "ARLI$$," and many more. It was Kirkpatrick’s work on James Cameron’s "Dark Angel" that led Spielberg to seek him out for "Minority Report."

In a year-and-a-half whirlwind period, he did five major studio films, two independents and 27 television guest star spots on 18 different shows. The pace continues at present with appearances on “Boomtown,” “Las Vegas,” “Blind Justice,” “CSI-Las Vegas,” “24” as Secret Service Agent Dale Spaulding (“the man who ‘killed’ Jack Bauer”) and hit shows, “Criminal Minds” and James Wood’s “Shark.”

President and CEO of Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc., and founder/CEO of the Hollywood International Film Fund, Kilpatrick, as well as the director, writer and producer of "Active Shooter," is the writer/producer/director of the upcoming film, “Vain Attempt.”  In addition to "Vain Attempt," UDF has a dynamic slate of arresting films, including “Naked Warriors,” set in the Pacific in 1943; “Lady Pirates," set in 1718-1721; "The End of the Onslaught," set in WWII Germany; and "Nine Heroes in the Rape of Nanking," set in 1937 China; plus two documentaries and a television series, "Natural Laws,” concerning U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Agents amidst global threats of illegal wildlife traffic and ecological calamity. He travels the world organizing film, ecological business development and acting.

Kilpatrick is the father of two sons, Ben and Sam. His interests range from politics to fashion, veteran’s affairs to solar/wind energy application, gun ownership to Gandhi. He recently traveled to Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates and Kyrgyzstan with the U.S.O. entertaining troops as part of the Henry Rollins/Patrick Kilpatrick South West Asia Tour, and is active with the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes, Brookes Army Medical Center, San Antonio, and California Paralyzed Veterans.

Kilpatrick trained as an actor by Navy Seals and the Los Angeles Police Department, is a member of the Sons of The American Revolution, with ancestors dating from 1640s colonies. His father, Robert Donald Kilpatrick, both founded Cigna Corporation and received the Silver Star at Okinawa as an Underwater Demolition Team member, the World War II precursor to the Navy Seals, and was the inspiration for “Naked Warriors.”

Kilpatrick has a strong appreciation for linguistics and global ecological development, has been known to utilize dialects while acting. He has been a gastronome of organic, elegant food and beverage for 35 years.

Upcoming films and television include: “Already Dead,” with Christopher Plummer and Ron Elldard, and “Parasomnia,” directed by “House On Haunted Hill” and Director Bill Malone; as well as playing the Terminator in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” and in “Chuck,” (both for Warner Bros.) and airing this month. Kilpatrick begins lensing the lead villain with producing credit in the ultimate fighting picture, “Sex, Blood and Fights,” with many of today’s UF stars September 15 for Mandate and Destiny Films and director Hector Echazarira.

About Edinboro University Campus Police Lt. Eric D. Kraus

Eric KrausWith more than 20 years of law enforcement experience, Eric Kraus currently holds the rank of Lieutenant with the Edinboro University Campus Police Department, serving as the department’s Crime Investigation Supervisor and as the lead firearms and tactical instructor. 

In 2000, he successfully completed the basic SWAT course and served on the Erie County Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team.  By 2003, Lt. Kraus had completed and was certified in responding to Active Threats, and in 2007, he was certified by Strategos International as an Instructor in Law Enforcement Response to an Active Shooter.

As an Edinboro University Campus Police Officer, in 2004 he was promoted to the rank of Detective Sergeant, and began serving as the Department’s Criminal Investigator. Lt. Kraus is certified in Practical Homicide investigation and several other strategic and tactical areas through the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

After his further promotion to the rank of Lieutenant, Kraus was also recognized and honored by the California State Senate for his service to the Wounded Warriors organization, and the families of servicemen who sacrificed their lives in the performance of their military duties to the nation.

In spite of his many professional successes in law enforcement, Lt. Kraus is most proud of his titles “husband” and “father.” With his wife, Erica, also a native of Erie, Pa., and their three-year-old son, Konnor, he resides in Millcreek Township, Pa.

As an avid outdoor sportsman, his hobbies include hunting, archery, competitive shooting. On campus, he serves as an advisor to the Edinboro University Archery Club.

About Edinboro University Campus Police Chief Clark Peters

Clark PetersClark Peters has served as a police officer for more than thirty years, first in a small department, then a larger city police force, and currently as Chief of Police at Edinboro University.

During his career, Chief Peters has served in many law enforcement assignments, including basic patrol, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Honor Guard, Criminal Investigation, and currently Administration. During his time as a police detective, Peters was called upon to investigate myriad criminal acts from minor thefts to burglaries, from sex offenses to assaults and homicides.

Peters earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement and Corrections from Penn State University in 1979; his Master of Science Degree in Administration of Justice from Mercyhurst University in 1989; and a Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Studies from Mercyhurst University in 2008.

Chief Peters has been recognized with a number of awards, and is a contributing member of multiple police, civic and non-profit organizations.  Previously he was named “Young Police Officer of the Year,” and is a member of Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society, and a lifetime member of the Pennsylvania Homicide Investigators Association.

Peters is also an avid scuba diver with multiple certifications, including Advanced Diver, Ice Diver (under ice diving), Rescue Diver, Trainer Assistant, and Master Diver (the highest level a diver can achieve prior to becoming a professional diver). He also has experience diving in warm water areas such as the Caribbean, as well as cold water diving in temperatures as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

About John C. Lyons

John LyonsIn 2004, John C. Lyons and Dorota Swies created Lyons Den Productions, LLC, an independent production company based in Erie, Pennsylvania and specializing in digital video entertainment and professional design services. Lyons wrote and directed the award-winning feature, “Schism” (2009), about one man's descent into the world of Alzheimer's dementia, and “There Are No Goodbyes” (2012), his new feature about choices and finding purpose in one’s life in the context of the current socio-political climate of blue-collar America. He also has served as Director of Photography on the music video release, “Phantasm: Change the Channel” (2011), and the upcoming short film, “Through the Blades” (2012). In 2007 John was named one of Erie Times-News’ “People of the Year” and in 2009 he received a Generation-e Leadership Award from the Young Erie Professionals organization. He has served as the Founder/Director of the Edinboro Film Series since 2006, as the Executive Director of the Film Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania from 2011, and was recently named Curator of the upcoming series FILM at the Erie Art Museum.

About Uncommon Dialogue Films

Founded in 2005, Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc. is a multimedia development company headed by Patrick Kilpatrick. Its staff, independent contractors, collaborators and production heads are drawn largely from the multitude of films in which Kilpatrick has been a lead actor, including the highly commercial and visually arresting “Minority Report,” “Eraser,” and “Replacement Killers,” as well as from distinguished joint venture partners in areas such as interactive development and publishing.

UDF engages in scripting, pre-production, marketing, finance and distribution development of film, television and documentaries and has a full spectrum of subsidiary revenue streams: music, videogames, comic books, ancillary merchandising and publishing. Kilpatrick is also active in speaking engagements, entertainment professional instruction and seminars at the secondary and university level, and event production. The Patrick Kilpatrick Entertainment 20DVD Lecture Package was a recent release.

UDF projects from an action core – live and animation – embrace a diverse array of topics with strong social commentary from extraordinary historical events and 21st century criminality to special needs children to global contemporary and futuristic environmental protection strategies. Each project is executed in the most arresting, timely entertainment manner possible. A special emphasis is placed on utilizing veterans of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, both in front of and behind the camera.

UDF recently hosted the landmark Entertainment/Conservation Summit, a weekend retreat for a wide spectrum of Hollywood players and representatives of outdoor sports, conservation groups and wildlife law enforcement, to plan dynamic new strategies of integrating contemporary environmental issues into mainstream television and feature films. The UDF television series, "Natural Laws," was presented during the historic summit.

In addition, Kilpatrick and Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc., host and organize the Hollywood Celebrity Sporting Clays Invitational, a three-ring tactical, pro-military, pro-hunting/fishing and outdoor sport, pro-Second Amendment and pro America charity event.