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Edinboro University professor Jim Roberts to appear on Travel Channel series ‘The Dead Files’


Edinboro University’s Dr. Jim Roberts, chairperson of the Department of Health and Physical Education, will be featured on the Friday, June 28, episode of the Travel Channel series “The Dead Files.” The episode airs at 10 p.m.

On “The Dead Files,” Steve DiSchiavi, a former homicide detective, and Amy Allan, a physical medium, investigate unexplained paranormal phenomena from their two often-conflicting perspectives.

The episode, titled “Lethal Waters,” concerns a case of paranormal activity at the Riverside Inn, the historic hotel and dinner theater in Cambridge Springs, Pa. Enter Dr. Roberts, who helps DiSchiavi get to the bottom of the potential dangers of the mineral spring water for which Cambridge Springs was once famous.


“The show itself has two main characters, one is a psychic or medium, and the other one is a retired police detective,” Dr. Roberts said. “So I interviewed with him as a health expert regarding whether some of their theories could be true or not, based on the water they were drinking. These people would go there for a fountain of youth or for a cure-all from this mineralized water, and the question was raised, was this helpful or possibly harmful?”

Presumably, the area’s mineral springs, which were visited by thousands in the late 19th and early 20th centuries hoping to take advantage of their alleged health benefits, factor heavily into the “deadly secret” uncovered by DiSchiavi and the “spirit of a woman who can control the living” discovered by Allan, two tidbits from the episode that are teased on the Travel Channel’s website.

Dr. Roberts, however, isn’t saying much more than that, hoping to maintain the sense of mystery that makes each episode entertaining.

While Dr. Roberts has participated in some local cable access television, he has never been involved in a production of this magnitude. “It’s very exciting. Nothing like this has ever happened before,” he said of his experience on “The Dead Files.”  “So it’s fun to be a part of something like this, to experience it and see what it’s like.”