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New pictorial history of Edinboro University will be released for sale next week

A must read for anyone with an Edinboro connection!


EDINBORO, Pa. – From its humble start as one of Pennsylvania’s early normal schools to its current status as the region’s largest and most comprehensive institution of higher education, Edinboro University is the star of a new pictorial history set to be released for sale next week

The book, simply titled Edinboro University, was authored by Professor David Obringer, a member of the Baron-Forness library faculty and Edinboro University Archivist.

Obringer worked on the book for an entire year, examining thousands of archival photographs before finally selecting the 200-plus pictures that tell Edinboro’s story from its early days to more current times.

“First of all, I enjoy working with photos and we have many,” Obringer said. “Such a pictorial work helps the university, or any school, because it breeds a sense of history and a connection with the events and people who came before.”

Obringer, in his choice of photographs, said the book tells a story through each University era in logical, chronological order, tracing Edinboro’s 155-year history by starting with the normal school period and progressing through the stages of State Teachers College, State College and finally to University status.

Edinboro University is published by Arcadia Publishing as a part of its Campus History Series.

As University Archivist and a member of the faculty for over 20 years, Professor Obringer has unparalleled access to the University’s large collection of photos and the stories behind them.

Edinboro University – the book – will be of interest to anyone who either attended or graduated from Edinboro, worked at the school, lives in the Borough, or is a student of local history. The book is expected to be popular with alumni, their families and friends.

The University will initially receive 600 copies of the new pictorial history. University officials hope to offer its copies for sale at Homecoming October 5-6, the Friends of the Baron-Forness Library dinner October 16, and at other events throughout the year.

The book will sell for $21.99, with Professor Obringer generously donating all proceeds to the Friends of the Baron-Forness Library.

Obringer will also participate in a book signing at Erie’s Barnes & Noble store on Saturday, September 22, at a time to be announced.