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A Message from President Julie E. Wollman on the Connecticut Tragedy


To: Edinboro Campus Community
From: President Julie E. Wollman

I join you in sharing the deep sorrow and pain of our nation and world following the tragic mass shooting on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

The deaths of 20 children and six adults are unimaginably horrific. As a community, we grieve for the families, classmates and students of those who were killed. We also mourn the loss to Newtown, Connecticut, and the larger society of so many bright young lives and dedicated educators. Tremendous potential and talent have been extinguished.

It is especially disturbing that this terrible act took place in an educational setting. A school should be a safe, nurturing environment for curiosity, respect, responsibility, integrity and the other life-affirming values we share. It should never be a place of terror and destruction.

As a university, we are uniquely poised to lead a dialogue on how to address the senseless violence that has shattered the security of our schools and other workplaces with increasing frequency. The expertise of our faculty and staff, the bright minds of our students, and our commitment to the open-minded exchange of ideas equip us to contribute solutions where there is now only despair. We will begin such a dialogue in the spring semester.

For the moment, however, it is time simply to claim the possibility of a brighter day and comfort one another.

My thoughts are with you and all who feel the pain of this tragedy.