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          • Free outdoor movie series comes to Edinboro’s main campus

          Free outdoor movie series comes to Edinboro’s main campus

          June 20, 2018

          Free outdoor movie series comes to Edinboro’s main campus

          Following the success of the free outdoor film series at Porreco College, Edinboro University has unveiled plans to replicate the same family-friendly event series on Edinboro’s main campus.

          On each Thursday night in July, Edinboro will host “Movies Under the Stars,” beginning at 9 p.m. on the lawns behind the Frank G. Pogue Student Center, 405 Scotland Road. Attendance and parking are free. Guests may park in the lot across from the McComb Fieldhouse or next to the Baron-Forness Library.

          “Having seen the success of the summer movie series held on the Porreco campus, I was eager to begin the discussion of having a similar outdoor movie series on the main campus,” said Jason Spangenberg, finance director of the Borough of Edinboro and a 2014 graduate of Edinboro. “What better way to bring the Borough, the University and the community together than to have free, family-friendly outdoor movies on the beautiful EU campus? I look forward to making this an annual tradition for the Edinboro community.”

          “Movies Under the Stars” 2018 Schedule:

          Thursday, July 5: “Finding Nemo” (G, 1 hour, 40 mins) – Directed by Andrew Stanton (“A Bug’s Life,” “Toy Story”), the film tells the story of the overprotective clownfish named Marlin who, along with a regal blue tang named Dory, searches for his abducted son Nemo all the way to Sydney Harbor. Along the way, Marlin learns to take risks and comes to terms with Nemo taking care of himself. Featuring the voices of Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould and Willem Dafoe, the film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

          Thursday, July 12: “Little Mermaid” (G, 1 hour, 23 mins) – An American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures, the film is based on the Danish fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. The Little Mermaid tells the story of Ariel, a mermaid princess who dreams of becoming human. The film won Academy Awards for Best Song for Alan Menken and Howard Ashman's “Under the Sea” and Best Original Score.

          Thursday, July 19: “Ghostbusters” (PG, 1 hour, 45 mins) – This is the 1984 American comedy film directed and produced by Ivan Reitman and written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. It stars Bill Murray, Aykroyd and Ramis as eccentric parapsychologists who start a ghost-catching business in New York City. Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis co-star as a client and her neighbor, and Ernie Hudson as the Ghostbusters' first recruit.

          Thursday, July 26: “The Lion King” (G, 1 hour, 28 mins) – The Lion King tells the story of Simba, a young lion who is to succeed his father, Mufasa, as King of the Pride Lands; however, after Simba's uncle Scar (Mufasa's jealous younger brother), murders Mufasa, Simba is manipulated into thinking he was responsible and flees into exile. Upon maturation living with two wastrels, Simba is given some valuable perspective from his childhood friend, Nala, and his shaman, Rafiki, before returning to challenge Scar to end his tyranny and take his place in the Circle of Life as the rightful King. The film won Academy Awards for Best Original Score (Hans Zimmer) and Best Original Song with “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John and Tim Rice.

          In the case of inclement weather, the film series will be held in the Scot Cinema of the Pogue Student Center – which is limited to the first 75 moviegoers.

          For more information about events on campus and Edinboro’s award-winning academic programs, visit www.edinboro.edu.