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          • EU game design track ranked among best in Pa.

          EU game design track ranked among best in Pa.

          May 19, 2017

          EU game design track ranked among best in Pa.

          For the fourth consecutive year, the Game and Virtual World Development track of Edinboro University’s computer science program earned top ranking by a leading source of game design information. 

          Animation Career Review, which publishes regional and national rankings of animation and game design schools, ranked Edinboro University among the top Game Design Schools and Colleges in Pennsylvania.

          “I am pleased to see our program was recognized as being one of the top programs in the field,” said Dr. Anne Quinn, chairperson of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. “Edinboro competed very well against more expensive schools, and it offers students the unique experience of taking classes from our top-notch computer science and art departments.”

          Quinn added that Game and Virtual World Development has become the department’s most popular track since its inception six years ago.

          Game design students complete general coursework in the computer science, mathematics and physics curricula to prepare for a variety of careers such as game developers and engineers, game programmers and modeling and simulation development. In addition to being one of the most rigorous tracks in the Math and Computer Science Department, the Game and Virtual World Development track intersects with the Art Department, with required art courses such as three-dimensional design, traditional animation and computer animation.

          EU’s computer science prospectus includes a theoretical track that received national accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

          Graduates with Edinboro’s math and computer science background have worked for Fortune 500 companies across the United States. Daniel Taylor, ’08, worked as a software development engineer at Amazon before landing a job as a software engineer for iStreamPlanet. Nathan Christy, ’06, started his career as a software engineer intern at Erie Insurance. He then specialized in automated test infrastructure and development at Google before becoming a software developer at Susquehanna International Group (SIG) in Philadelphia. (SIG) also employs Tom Stuczynski, ’13, who began his career as a software engineer at Microsoft immediately following graduation.

          Animation Career Review considers the University’s academic reputation, admission selectivity, depth of program and faculty, tuition value and the program’s geographic location in the annual game-design rankings.

          ACR also ranked Edinboro University No. 27 in the 2017 Top 50 Public Animation Schools and Colleges in the United States list and No. 22 among the Top 25 animation schools on the East Coast.

          For more information about EU’s Mathematics and Computer Science Department and the Game and Virtual World Development track, visit www.edinboro.edu.

          Photo caption: Students in EU’s popular Game and Virtual World Development track experience both computer science and art coursework for their degree and learn with industry-leading virtual reality equipment.