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          • EU embraces the future with ‘Our Path Forward’ plan to ensure student success, University growth

          EU embraces the future with ‘Our Path Forward’ plan to ensure student success, University growth

          Commitment to student experience, academic enhancements, financial rightsizing build strong future

          September 07, 2017

          EU embraces the future with ‘Our Path Forward’ plan to ensure student success, University growth

          Demonstrating Edinboro University’s resolve to remain a vibrant Institution of Higher Education, President H. Fred Walker today unveiled a 10-year plan that provides a strategy for enhancing student success and future growth in our region.

          “Embracing the many strengths of Edinboro University, ‘Our Path Forward’ positions this University for a vibrant future,” said Dr. H. Fred Walker, President. "'Our Path Forward' summarizes the work we undertook over the past year to align our academic program array with the needs of students and employers; to ensure student success; and to balance revenue and expenses. Our path provides strategic direction to ensure that we meet our expectations for delivering high quality, affordable educational experiences consistent with the evolving needs of our regional employers and communities.”

          ‘Our Path Forward’ includes the following key components:

          • Reaffirming Edinboro University’s charter, mission, values and vision. Our charter defines EU as a public, regional, comprehensive institution. Our mission must evolve to embrace the idea that we will prepare students to be valuable contributors to the economy and society of the Commonwealth and beyond. Our values include excellence, curiosity, respect, responsibility and integrity and creating opportunities for intellectual and personal growth in an inclusive environment. The vision of Edinboro University includes offering excellent programs and services for an ever-changing society while also being the first choice among students, employers and the community for excellence in higher education.
          • Adjusting program offerings in the context of academic areas of emphasis that match student interests and the evolving needs of regional employers: arts and digital entertainment; business, applied science and professional programming; education; and, social and mental health services. The areas of academic emphasis will guide future growth and development of the University.
          • Clearly and boldly defining the “EU Experience” that recognizes the importance of academics and emphasizes the importance of many other facets of a college experience, including a student-centered experience that delivers academics that match student interests and employer needs; leadership and life skills; experiential learning; athletics; co-curricular activities; and the ceremony and tradition that are unique to EU.

          “Our Path Forward” spans 10 years of work that will include creating Academic and Facilities Master Plans, as well as, a long-awaited Capital Campaign.

          President Walker also outlined several transformative actions in addition to the new academic programs and the adjustment of faculty complement through retirements and attrition announced last week. Additional actions include outsourcing external marketing; administrative restructuring and streamlining; rescaling athletics to align with the current size of the EU student population; and repositioning academic programs and rebranding of Porreco College.

          “Our focus is on the success of Edinboro University’s students and the strength and stability of this great University,” Walker said. “We are refreshing and transitioning our academic programs and many other areas of the University to ensure our future and long-term viability. With all areas of our University contributing to the cost-saving change required as part of our work, I thank the staff and faculty for their dedication and commitment in contributing to the efforts underway to move EU forward in the strongest position possible.”

          “As an Edinboro University alumna, I am proud to endorse the strategic plan announced today by President Walker,” said Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper. “The education I received at Edinboro University prepared me for a fulfilling life experience. I am more confident than ever about Edinboro University’s future and the tremendous opportunities it provides for students to build successful lives as they contribute to the local and regional economy. The plan proves that Edinboro University is committed to maintaining a strong relationship with local and regional business and preparing students for exactly the types of jobs employers have available.”

          President Walker also today welcomed to Edinboro University 881 new undergraduate students and 518 new graduate students. 

          Work on “Our Path Forward” was also informed by working groups initiated last July by President Walker. The working groups consisted of on- and off-campus constituents who worked in an open, transparent, inclusive, well supported and highly-valued environment.  The working groups provided a data analysis of finances, enrollment and academics. President Walker made clear at the time the working groups began their efforts that significant collaborative action was required to address three key areas:

          -Ensuring student success

          -Balancing revenues and expenses

          -Aligning the academic program array to the needs of student and employers.

          Additional action to further strengthen the university took place earlier this year when admission standards were raised, beginning with the incoming fall 2017 class. Edinboro University’s goal in increasing the admission standards is to admit those students who are most prepared to succeed.

           A link to the ‘Our Path Forward’ plan is available on the University Initiatives page of the EU website.