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          • Edinboro University welcomes the Class of 2021

          Edinboro University welcomes the Class of 2021

          More than 1,100 new Fighting Scots accepted for 2017-18 academic year

          August 25, 2017

          Edinboro University welcomes the Class of 2021

          Flash back to one year ago.

          Bridgette Kuhl started her higher-education career at Edinboro University somewhat anxious about what to expect. Now an incoming second-year student, Kuhl looked back at her first year and found one strategy that helped her through the first-year jitters and boosted her excitement for year two.

          “When you go out and actually make an effort to get involved on campus, it can be very rewarding,” said Kuhl, a Personal Financial Planning major.

          Edinboro University welcomed 1,100 first-year and transfer students to campus today for move-in festivities, highlighted by New Student Convocation – an official ceremony commemorating the inclusion of incoming Fighting Scots into the Class of 2021. During the ceremony, hundreds of family members, friends and community members supported students as they took a pledge to take an active role in their education and to be engaged outside of the classroom.

          Dr. H. Fred Walker, President of Edinboro University, led the student-focused celebration after assisting students by moving furniture, clothing and school supplies to their new campus homes.

          “As of today, you are part of the Edinboro University family,” Dr. Walker shared with students during his convocation address. “You are part of something tremendously significant to our society, and I invite you to immerse yourself in it completely, to experience all you can from our outstanding faculty and staff.”

          Dr. Walker’s full speech can be found below.

          Joining Dr. Walker in greeting new students were Dr. Michael Hannan, Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs; Daniel Higham, member of EU’s Council of Trustees; Dr. Roger Solberg, the 2017 Faculty Member of the Year; and Ja’Cobi Green, incoming Student Government Association president.

          Edinboro University’s Pipes and Drums Band headed the formal procession, followed by EU senior Abigail Kraeer singing the national anthem, with the color guard on hand.

          New Student Convocation served as the midpoint of a busy day at Edinboro University – a day in which families from the United States to the United Kingdom, from Lebanon to Florida, delivered their Fighting Scots to campus for the beginning of the 2017-18 academic year.

          Chris Both, a first-year student from New Castle, Pa. (approximately 50 miles from Pittsburgh), is excited about majoring in environmental and wildlife biology, and also joining a club sports team.

          “I’d consider myself a very social person, and I met some incredible people during my first campus visit,” said Both, who plans to attend EU football and soccer games.

          Both and his Fighting Scots classmates commenced move-in festivities at 8 a.m. and continued steadily until 2 p.m., prior to the New Student Convocation program. Faculty, staff and students – including EU’s ROTC cadets, Greek life participants and student-athletes – dressed in red “Boro Bellhop” t-shirts and lent a hand with the heavy lifting.

          Other events on the first day schedule included a welcome picnic with outdoor inflatable games and a dunk tank featuring EU’s staff and students. The PlayFair! orientation program and official Class of 2021 photo at Sox Harrison Stadium capped the day’s events.

          Welcome weekend continues through Sunday with training programs and events to introduce Fighting Scots to campus and their new classmates. Classes officially begin on Monday, Aug. 28.

          Lindsey Baker, a sophomore Business Administration major, recalls the education she received during his first year, and how it confirmed her decision to return for 2017.

          “I came back to Edinboro because I fell in love with the campus and the education I received,” she said. “I don’t live too far away, but Edinboro really gives you that feeling of home.”

          To view a gallery of photos from welcome weekend and New Student Convocation, visit Edinboro University’s official Facebook page.

          Photo caption: Members of the Edinboro University Class of 2021 raise their right hands to take the class pledge near the conclusion of New Student Convocation on Aug. 25.

          New Student Convocation 2017 – Dr. H. Fred Walker

          "Welcome, Class of 2021. I am thrilled to be here today to welcome you and your family and friends to Edinboro University.

          I would like to take a moment to welcome Mr. Daniel Higham, a member of EU’s Council of Trustees, as well as faculty, staff and members of the EU community who have joined us for this important occasion.

          We welcome you to our University community – a community with rich traditions and a proud history. Many of those traditions have a history dating back hundreds of years, well before Edinboro’s founding in 1857.

          The academic regalia, that I and other members of the administration and faculty are wearing today, is modeled after the everyday dress of scholars in the medieval universities of Europe. Fortunately, we don’t dress like this every day, but we do honor the origins of today’s university by wearing the robes, caps, stoles and other symbols of administrative and educational attainment for special occasions like this Convocation for New Students.

          In four years, when we reconvene in this place to mark the completion of your undergraduate education, you also will be wearing robes and mortarboards, which many of you will decorate with symbols of your pride in being part of the Class of 2021.

          In the coming weeks I will be announcing a comprehensive plan that charts a dynamic course for this University. This plan provides strategic direction to ensure your success by delivering a high-quality, affordable educational experience. The mission of a university education, then and now, extends well beyond career preparation; it is about making meaningful contributions in a global society. Here at Edinboro, you will be building the foundation of a strong education – enabling your contributions - how to think, how to reason, how to question, and how to express your ideas.

          At the end of this ceremony, you will be asked to pledge yourselves to take an active role in your education, to be open to new ideas and to become engaged outside the classroom. First, I will make my pledge to you, and our other speakers will do the same, signifying that we’re all on this journey together.

          As your Edinboro University President, I pledge to foster a positive university environment in which the pieces of the Edinboro experience – academics, experiential learning, co-curricular activities, leadership and life skills development, history and traditions – work together to create global thinkers who are equipped to address the ever-changing needs of your communities and the world.

          Based on recent national events, we are compelled to reflect on the values of this University which expects, in fact demands an inclusive environment and respect for the diversity of our community. These values are at the core of the strength of this University. I urge everyone to be socially responsible in communicating their views.

          Students, as of today you are part of the university community. You are part of something tremendously significant to our society, and I invite you to immerse yourself in it completely, to learn all you can from our outstanding faculty, staff and administration.

          I officially welcome you to Edinboro University. Thank you for choosing EU to be your home away from home!"