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          Edinboro builds lead, holds off Bloomsburg
          09/08/2018 - GoErie.com (Erie Times-News)
          Find your plaid! The Highland Games return this week
          09/05/2018 - YourErie.com (WJET/WFXP-TV)
          Edinboro University to be recognized as ‘StormReady’
          09/05/2018 - GoErie.com (Erie Times-News)
          8th Edinboro Potterfest works its magic starting Sept. 15
          09/05/2018 - GoErie.com (Erie Times-News)
          Hold on to your kilts for Edinboro’s Highland Games
          09/05/2018 - GoErie.com (Erie Times-News)
          Edinboro University app 'EU Shield' helps keep campus safer
          09/04/2018 - YourErie.com (WJET/WFXP-TV)
          Edinboro to launch preschool, art therapy programs
          09/03/2018 - GoErie.com (Erie Times-News)
          Edinboro throttles Lake Erie 69-0 in season opener
          09/02/2018 - GoErie.com (Erie Times-News)